Habitat of the white-eye

White-eye is not particularly popular among fishermen because of its small size. This fish belongs to the category of river, and gives preference to areas with great depth and clean running water. The adult white-eye, unlike the young fish who prefer fairly strong current that ensures a quality flow of oxygen. Young people, on the contrary, for some time, try to stay in the shallow areas. In General, these former spawning grounds. In some mountain river white-eye, usually resides in the lower part of the flow.

In the autumn, before the preparations for winter, these fish gather in fairly large flocks, and then go to spend the winter in deep holes located in the downstream parts of rivers. With the onset of early spring they all come back up on the known spawning grounds. In the ordinary life of the white-eye gather in small flocks. In stagnant water reservoirs, lakes and creeks is very rare.

The appearance of the white-eye

It is often confused with the usual bream, although, if you look closely, you can find a number of important differences. If you start from the head, blunt snout and thick once it becomes visible, like large eyes, which make up 30 percent of the total length of the head. Exactly eye have given this fish its name due to the presence of the iris is silvery-white in color. The mouth has a retractable bottom. Despite the fact that the body is quite compressed in the lateral parts in comparison with bream it is more thickened and elongated.

It is the body of the white-eye is covered with a dense and large scales. Lateral line large individuals often amounts to from 50 to 55 scales. The overall body color is silver, only the dorsal portion dark-colored, blued. All the fins are grey, and the ends of the fins of the back and tail formed a dark color. The ratio of body height to its length is about one to three. The upper lobe of tail fin much longer than lower.

Compared to bream, the anal fin of the white-eye has a more elongated shape, which includes more than 40 branched rays. In General, the parameters of this fish for anglers ranged from 38 to 40 centimeters in length and about 1 kilogram in weight. Before spawning and spawning males have a so-called marriage outfit that rash is a pearl white color, located on the head and body.

The life and power of the white-eye

White-eye has a fairly average growth pace. If in the first years of her life has the highest increase in length of approximately 5 centimeters per year, starting around the 5th year, the growth slows significantly. While there has been a significant increase in the total mass of the fish. If you compare white-eye at the age of three, when she weighs on average only 65 grams, then in four years it reaches 150 grams, and in five years its average weight is around 250 grams. The average life expectancy of a white-eye is estimated approximately fifteen years.

White-eyed, like most predatory fish, it feeds on various organisms that, one way or another, are found in all types of rivers and other water bodies. After spawning the fish feed intensively on small species of zooplankton, are constantly present in water in the form of small crustaceans, rotifers and other members of this feed. When the fry grow, their diet becomes more diverse due to the mosquito larvae, benthic invertebrates and other insects. Growing up, the white-eye begin to eat certain types of small shellfish and other large species of river inhabitants.

When feeding this fish swallows a large amount of sand and other bottom sediments. It should be noted that in General, the feeding intensity of the white-eye is relatively low for the entire period of her life. This explains its low activity when it bites, so it is of no special interest for fishermen. In addition, it is difficult to choose the right nozzle is most effective at the right time and in the right place.

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