Whippet everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

The Whippet is a breed that combines the strength, courage, grace, excellent hunting qualities and the ability to get on well with people. For the first time the Whippet was bred in England in the mid 19th century for hunting rabbits and participate in a dog race. The ancestors of the modern steel greyhounds Whippet, a Terrier and Greyhound. Because of this, the growth of this breed does not exceed 50 see the Whippet as a breed was registered in the UK, every year became more and more popular, and gradually spread to other countries. In the family of sight hounds, this little dog is one of the most quick and nimble, perfect for hunting because of its compact size and due to the sensitive sense of smell. At the dog track, where the production uses a mechanical rabbit, whippets can reach speed up to 60 km/h.

A dog of this breed is very quick to learn commands, protects the owner and the territory, carries a small circus tricks (jumping in both directions through a Hoop, play with a ball, to walk on its hind legs, and many others). Coaching and teaching the Whippet, you need to apply patience and affection, as dogs are very sensitive to shouting and rudeness, can be withdrawn in the future will refuse to execute commands. To the host whippets are treated with awe and affection, get along well with children. Due to the short fur, grooming does not require much effort, it is only regularly drive your pet to the veterinarian for treatment of various injuries that the dog gets while hunting (fractures, sprains, strains, broken nails). Usually hunt small game or waterfowl.

The figure in the Whippet muscular, proportionally built, with strong legs and strong enough. The head is usually extended, there is broad forehead between the holes, the jaw stand out, the nose is black, but depending on the shade of hair of the dog is permitted bluish, gray slate, brown, spotted pigment. The ears of a Whippet must fit your head and resemble the characteristic swirls of rose petals, not to have a standing form. The coat is short, smooth, tight to the skin, of any color or combination of colors. The tail is long, naked, occasionally you can see a faint waving, but above the torso it never rises. When choosing a puppy, pay attention to his parents, their habits can largely concur.

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