Which better handles for knives made of bone or leather, the advantages and disadvantages of

Today, manufacturers of knives creates quite unusual and different arrows for knives. Handles for knives can be made from birch bark, wood, cap, bones, skin, and so on, are actually variants there are many, so list them all is just not possible.

Today we will look at the knife hilt are made of skin and bones. In the production in the course can go as freshly picked items, as well as different types of fossils. You may find that the use in the production of fossil materials, in General, can be attributed to the exotic. Of course, cheaper and likely available, there are artificial materials with special modifications take a appearance at fossils, however, all this can be attributed to forgery.

Of course, the early knives were made of leather and animal bones, this was among our ancestors, but now the popularity has decreased this production. Accordingly, it is possible to identify that currently, in order to use such resources, it is necessary to deal with cattle. Although it is possible to identify that some animals sneeze materials were taken for the manufacture of handles of knives, were able to maintain to this day their popularity. Probably every fan of knives can not go past the discarded horns of the animal and will take with me.

Consider the types of materials that relate to the living world, we decided to start with the skin. As a rule, all the pros and cons will depend not only on the plant material, as well as the quality of the production. To produce really good and high-quality handle made of leather is not so simple as it may seem at first sight, so professionals have to consider all the fine points to end up getting really high-quality products, which without any problems will pass the test and go on sale.

In fact it is a very long and very hard work, during which it is necessary to pre-dry the skin, then Polish, then stretch well and eventually send to the press. If all the manipulations that we have brought to you above will be performed correctly, then eventually the handle is really comfortable and most importantly – reliable. Of course, not all manufacturers give proper attention to production and in some cases can take a different path, but rather just a handle glued with epoxy resin, after which it is glued any skin of respectively of the result no qualities to be expected. At the first opportunity the knife handle just crumble right in front of you.

If you decide to purchase the knife with the leather handle, then you should pre-determine the order in which climatic conditions you plan to use this knife, don’t forget that this is a very important point and it must be taken into consideration. In fact, our natural environment is very loyal to the skin. Knives with leather handle all your positive things can manifest in dry and hot areas.

Our area is generally not recommended to choose knives with a leather handle, and there are several important reasons which we now discuss. Leather handle is able to absorb all the moisture, and then it will need very long time to dry. In connection with these disadvantages, humidity handle, the skin may gradually start to deform.

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