Which abrasive to choose for sharpening knives

In order to improve and also increase the surface specialists use abrasive materials which usually are made of various kinds of abrasive products. Such type of products include sandpaper, referential and grinding rods, ceramic head, etc. in fact, in our time, the product has a large number. In General, the abrasive can be characterized by the nature of the material and its hardness, grain size and crystal structure. All these parameters determine the cutting characteristics of abrasive and grit can give the treated surface additional roughness.

Let us now consider the main terms used in the technology of polishing and the abrasives. First of all, consider grain. In this case, the abrasive is made using grains, which in turn are divided into even fractions, they can be used for polishing and making maximum elastic and rigid abrasive tool. However, such products had to meet many. Now to the grit. Under grain refers to the measurement of the grains used. In General, grain is able to share a certain number of factions. It is possible to identify the moment that the faction is the main component of an abrasive of a certain type.

Under the bundle, we define a special material that is able to connect between grinding particles in a single structure. The bundle aims to prevent premature removal of separate grains, not produce sticking, and not to take to themselves the particles of processed material.

Now consider ceramic. Is this kind of combination of selected clay. Specialists carry out the firing process, and ultimately the viscous mud can develop in porcelain and glass. There is also a bunch of synthetic. Such binder material is a special synthetic resin which are manufactured by using different chemical compounds.

There is another form of communication and it’s called organic. In such a bundle are applied artificially developed by resin, shellac or rubber. This type of connection is used only in rare cases.

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