Where you can hunt for eagle eagle

Eagle-the eagle with the Latin translates as «Golden eagle». Carl Linnaeus was the first person who saw the eagle and gave it this name, because immediately fell in love with it become. The people of France and Sweden have dubbed it the Royal eagle. In today’s world a lot of hunters who would love to find the eagle of the eagle, and to record their hunting trophies of victory. The question arises: is it possible to hunt the Royal eagle?

A long time ago, to find eagle eagle can be very easy, in any part of the Northern hemisphere. It is well felt in Europe, North America and North Asia. According to rumors, even Africans have sometimes seen «the Golden eagle» in the sky. But today, the Golden eagle is considered a very rare bird listed in the Red book. Yet, the eagle is inscribed in the category called «least risk», but it is worth noting that with every year they become less and less. Why is this happening?

Very often, among people are of the opinion that all predators need to destroy, no matter who you’re hunting predatory animals. For example, in Scotland the farmers really had a «war» birds because they are believed to have destroyed a large number of lambs. But we must remember that if the Golden eagle will feed on the lamb, he finds only dead or non-existent. In healthy animals they attack very rarely, and to regard them as the cause of death of the whole flock are absurd.

Where you can hunt for eagle eagle

In the United States of America even came to trial. Professional arrows began to kill Golden eagles from the plane for great pay. It turned out that they were hired due to the fact that people accused them of assaulting rodents. As was calculated by the judge, the dead rodents would destroy 300 tons of grass that would affect the economy only negatively. The participants of the hunt came to a few years in custody.

It is not necessary to hope that stealing the chick, you can grow beautiful bird that will bring You offspring as on the outside.

The researchers argue that the reasons why the Golden eagle may die too much. Therefore, this species breeds with low speed. The female can give birth to usually only two eggs.

Eagle the eagle is a rare species in many countries, as well as prohibited him hunting in different States. In the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, the Golden bird listed in the Red book, therefore, is to understand that hunting them is absolutely impossible. In America, the hunt for eagle was introduced in 1940. Also in this country it is forbidden to carry or sell the nests or live birds, including for parts. It should be noted that the hunting of eagles is prohibited and in CIS where it is also listed in the Red book. In countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to hunt the Golden bird you can not.

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