Where to shoot a wild boar to get the trophy

To hunt wild boar proved to be successful, you must have some knowledge about his weaknesses and habits. Really loves this wild beast to wallow in the mud, and it does not matter, he is saved from all kinds of insects or gets relaxation on a hot Sunny day, these soft boar should play into the hands of the hunter. Received great pleasure from the mud bath, the boar immediately proceeds to the second procedure he gladly begins to itch about growing near the trees. At the same time on the bark of trees there are traces of dirt and hairs from the bristles of the beast. Examining the footprints around the muddy puddles and trees, an experienced hunter immediately identify, and it often appears a wild boar.

Ambush, chosen a comfortable seat, and the lunar light the night to the silhouette of a huge boar was clearly visible without the use of lighting facilities. But if the dark night and no moon – do not deny yourself the pleasure to hunt, to help you come podstvolny lamp of high power. Caught off guard by a beam of bright light, the boar for some time freezes in place, and this time the hunter is good enough to make accurate shot. It’s important to aim well in the slaughter place of the boar, and these slaughter places should know all both professional and novice hunters.

And even knowing all places of slaughter of the boar, to hit the target with the first shot sometimes presents certain difficulties. After all, with a wound in the abdomen this powerful » wild animal can leave at a decent distance from the location of the hunter and die, thereby depriving him of his next trophy. You should also take into account the fact that having a gunshot wound, this wild beast is capable of active defense, therefore, hunters should exercise caution and forethought, eliminating all possible risks.

Only the look of a wounded wild boar with huge projecting side teeth can cause fright in anyone, and can not be called a coward for the fact if you got in a fight with an angry pain as a wild boar. The most well-aimed shot with absolute certainty that the death of the beast is inevitable, is hit in the ear of a wild boar. Long-term observations of experienced hunters is a lethal place as subservient to the pool and the canister. In the far distance, especially when hunting large animals, buckshot is not recommended.

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