Where to look for carp on big rivers, lakes and reservoirs

Large rivers are the optimal habitat of wild carp. Once he’s in abundance were found in the Volga, don, Kura, Syr Darya, Kuban. Unfortunately, now the situation has changed. For example, the lower reaches of the don was a real Stanky. In the 30-ies of the locals in the region of Rostov-on-don to arrest major carps were forced to travel 30-40 km on deaf Erika or upstream.

The same pattern we see in the Syr Darya and Amu Darya. After the construction of the Turkmen canal Amu abruptly became shallow, the Delta was rapidly zavolakivaya and, in fact, turned into a group of lakes. Currently, residents of Karakalpakstan are attempting to breed in these lakes cultural form of carp — carp.

Once overgrown in the floodplain (local, reeds) was a real Paradise for carp. Here he was spawned and grew very quickly, reaching a weight of 15-20 kg. Now the vast cotton fields of the approaches to the river. Disappeared in the reeds, and, therefore, carp. Middle and upper course is in a better position because there is often large specimens. Nice is also the case in the Syr Darya with its swimming pool. At this point the population of carp are numerous, although the Aral sea has receded almost 100 km.

Perhaps the best situation is in the lower reaches of the Volga and the Kuban. Here preserved wild virgin nature. In the Delta tens of kilometers numerous, wildly overgrown streams, where still a lot of big carp, catfish and other fish. Here is a Paradise for waterfowl.

Unfortunately, more often the opposite. The lack of suitable places for spawning, as a rule, will dramatically reduce the population of carp. So, it is sometimes necessary to spawn in the most unexpected places — near the flooded shallow water barges, trees, etc.

Carp in these rivers is not much, but still it exists. Where to find it? Primarily on areas of extreme depths, deep places, near the bridge piers, submerged piles, locks, and dams.

In rivers with weak coastal vegetation for the carp to do anything in the shallows, so he’s usually on the fairway. Late in the evening and at night he’s moving on to smaller depths. Such minor migration continue until the end of August.

To catch his summer day with the boat, but night and early morning, heavy donok from the shore making long casts. Autumn carp slips into the deepest parts of the river.

Carp on lakes and reservoirs

In the overgrown rich food lakes carp provides a clear diurnal migration. At night and early in the morning he goes out into the shallow water, and the day goes into depth. But this concerns primarily the summer period. In the spring, he constantly adheres to the shallows, preparing for the spawn. Fall, the picture changes, as the carp kept at depth. All of the above applies to reservoirs.

In the absence of these reservoirs of suitable places for spawning and forage rich population of small carp and catching it, usually happens by chance or fishing cooperatives.

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