Where to look for carp in the oxbow

Carp there is rarely large. One, two, max three hundred grams. This is especially true for shallow, separated from the main river channel oxbow lakes, but these waters already careeradvice type.

I will tell you only about the deep, flowing oxbows, sometimes stretching for tens of kilometers and kept the connection with the new direction. But here, the usual weight of carp — 500 g, max 1,5 kg. I have not once had to go on such waters, but did not have to carry on a tightly stretched forest something worthwhile. What’s the matter?

It would seem, and depth, and vegetation, and good food. No main — course, without which wild carp, elongated and strong, can not live. If the fry of carps in oxbow lakes are cut off from the main channel that often happens in the dry summer, they gradually degenerate, losing the typical carp. Grow in height, becoming more flat, in other words, more like a carp and then the carp. Therefore, the fry of carp river, reaching the size of a match, try at the first opportunity to leave the silent water and to leave in their native element.

Real river carp like a premonition of the possible exclusion of future generation and therefore, spawn in certain places oxbow lakes (see figure). Now the fry will be able to quickly get into the river. If the fry still were cut off, one of the main reasons of deceleration of their growth — a violation of the oxygen regime. Little of oxygen, slow metabolism, food not so intense. Moreover, during severe winters a lot of fry die from Zamora. And still there is a period when the carp visits the oxbow is spring, or rather, the time before spawning.

Figure — Locations of spawning carp in the oxbow

Water in the oxbow is warming up earlier, go faster the growth of shoots of young plants. Here carp finds long-awaited warmth and abundant food. The day he goes to shallow water, where it is necessary to catch, and in the evening, if shallow Bayou and its dimensions are small, carp is the mainstream.

One day I was watching a picture. In broad daylight in a small, shallow oxbow lakes in the reeds, in sun-warmed water of life was in full swing: the trembling reed, there was spanking, and then broke against my skin. In short, fish the Kingdom was a real treat!

But by evening, gone the sun, much colder. As if on cue, all was quiet. Stopped twitching blade of grass, the water darkened. On the way home I went to the Bayou that connected with the river oxbow. It was very narrow and shallow — two feet from the power meter. And what did I see? Quite a decent carp famously left the Bayou and saw me, and even more was added to the go! Thus, slipped past a dozen fish and, finally, everything has finally calmed down.


Carp periodically visits the oxbow lakes in warm or hot weather. It feeds late in the evening, night and early morning (up to 4 hours) in thickets of coastal vegetation. If the Bayou is shallow, you can stay here all day. At the first sign of bad weather a trifle down and the big carp away to the border of meanders and the main channel. With the sustained cloudy weather with drizzling warm rain feeds all day. The time of greatest activity of carp about 8-11 hours, and in the evening from 18 to 22 h. the Optimal depth 1.5-3 m. Very often meanders heavily silted. Sometimes a layer of silt in them reaches 1 m and more. Such places carp avoids.


Autumn big carp finally leaves meanders, and sometimes a small thing can stay for the winter. Here it is bordering the main channel. This is the most deep areas with dense soil, free from aquatic vegetation, there are places with better aeration.


In extreme cold, even small wild carp (100 g) leaves oxbow lakes, and if this is not possible, then a significant part of it dies. Survived satanici strongly suppressed, in the future, they have slowed growth, altered body shape, partly the nature of power. Such carps, reaching sexual maturity, can interbreed with crucian carp. As a result, the light appears a hybrid offspring.

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