Where to go fishing, or fishing spots of the Moscow region and neighboring areas.

Every man likes to spend time fishing. Alone or with friends. With the onset of warm days, everyone grabs a fishing rod and goes fishing for a large catch. But fish can make a delicious soup, pie or just fry them. For someone fishing is a vacation, but for someone sport. But where to go to catch was a big??? To this question we will try to answer.

One of the closest places of Moscow is elk island paid reserve with good facilities and infrastructure, which are stocked carp, catfish and many other species of fish. The pond bottom is very clean without snags and other obstacles that may interfere with your fishing. The catch is guaranteed!

Also highly recommend going to Bear lake. Two reservoir-Big and Small lake. Men can fish from the shore and from the boat. In the lake there are carp, tench, crucian carp and pike. To make the big catch you can go on the Moscow river. Flow it across Moscow, but within the city I do not advise to fish, because the poisoning is provided to you. You can catch many different species happy and walleye and perch and even roach. If you want to catch a perch, ruff, Chub, gudgeon or a roach, they should go to the river Severka. The river flows into the Moscow river in Kolomna district. To get a very big catch here is problematic, but you can find friendly locals who will give you a secret great catch.

If fishermen want to spend a weekend enjoying the outdoors and catch a lot of fish, you have to go on the Istra reservoir (located in the North-West of Moscow region).There can be as bream and pike and walleye. In the fall you can catch burbot. Fans of bass, bream and roach should go on the Klyazma reservoir.( the closest to Moscow). On the banks of the reservoir there are areas with pine forest. Also they prefer to do sailing and sailing. The Mozhaisk reservoir was created due to the overlap of the Moscow river dam. Right Bank high and wooded and on the left flat and open. In the waters of the reservoir are home to bream, pike, roach and Chub and is very large. A little further from Moscow is Klinsky reservoir, where avid fishermen can catch burbot, perch and pike of enormous size.

Fishermen can go for a big catch in the Tver and Moscow region on the Ivankovo water reservoir ( Moscow sea). A wonderful place for fishing-Ivanovo ples. It has a lot of Islands. Mostly for the bait fishers caught roach, perch, pike and many species of fish. The main inhabitant of these waters is bream and perch (the trophies are not too large, from about 500 to 1000 grams). If the fishermen while fishing, want to relax, they should go on the Rybinsk reservoir. Located in the Northern part of Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl, Vologda and Tver region. About 17 thousand years ago instead of the reservoir was a glacial lake. Maybe that’s why there are walleye, very tasty roach and pike.

Thus, we understand that in the suburbs and areas are a lot of places as for regular fishing and for paid. You have to decide for yourself what attracts you to fishing and whether you love her at all. If the fish in paid pond to be made into a jump hook, or you get up in the morning and go fishing, where they can sit until the evening. But each of you knows your secret place where you regularly catch very large. To choose only you!!!

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