Where to find fish in winter

If you are in the winter period were on new unfamiliar body of water, you naturally occurring idea where to find a suitable place for successful fishing. Covers the reservoir securely hides ice where the fish feeds. In the summer these places can easily be seen. During the search, you’ll walk several miles. You need to drill a huge number of holes. In winter the days are short, and it will take a lot of time. Therefore, the search space must be treated properly. On warm summer days, the fish constantly migrate from shallow waters into deeper areas. In the shallows she usually finds food, and resting in deep holes. It does not matter, peace is a fish or a predator. Roach, carp and other fish seek shelter in the thickets of aquatic plants. In search of food there and swim predatory fish.

The same happens in winter, only on a larger scale. After installed the first ice, the fish will still stay in the shallows. Here she will eat remnants of vegetation. Not far from them will be the predators. During this period, it will be good to look for fish near the shore. In places where the water might look like a snag or visible bundles of plants.

Closer to the middle of winter increases the decomposition and decay of aquatic plants. In this process, the water disappears oxygen, and the fish moves to deeper places. In such places much more oxygen, but less food. For this, the fish don’t eat and becomes inactive. This is reflected in the bite.

At this time, try to look for the fish in the deep places, near pools and pits. You can also try areas where water is more oxygen. Promising to be the place near the dam, underwater springs and the mouth of small rivers.

On small streams it is best to start to fish in the river bed. And the steeper the curve, the better it will be. In such places, the course creates a pool or pit. Well if the coast at this place is high, with abundant vegetation, which creates shade in the spot your fishing. Search fish in mid-winter for will not give good results. In a place like this fish spends a lot of energy and oxygen, which is in the water and so very little.

If you are going to go fishing with friends, it is time to search the fishing spots will take significantly less. Try to coordinate the actions of all participants fishing. From the very beginning will cover more area of the reservoir. Drill holes in different areas all together looking for fish. With the help of a large team you can easily select the best nozzle.

One person even to friends in fly places hard to find fishing spots. Summer try to remember the most successful places to in the winter to spend less time searching. You can try to record data in a notebook. To remember certain landmarks: trees, large rocks, shore topography.

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