Where to catch pike in March

Spring has come! It’s time to catch pike. Spring can be the most profitable time for the entire period of open water, if we are talking about fishing for pike. In the first of March, when the main part of the pond still covered with ice, pike feed starts with a capital letter. She throws herself at any bait: turntables, twisters, wobblers, vibrohvosta, foam, baitfish etc In the first days of March, you can successfully go fishing, but to add to their collection of trophies. After all, in March there is a big chance to catch a big pike, which in summer catch will be extremely difficult. For those who want to come back from a successful fishing trip, and if you’re lucky, and with a new trophy and a new story about how he with her hardship, yet deduced, the experiments are not suitable. Such people choose a spinning rod and artificial bait. These people obtained excellent pike fishing. Let’s see why?

Spring active nibble pike does not last long in early April she will begin spawning. The period of spawning pike starts differently, depending on the region where she lives. To avoid unnecessary trouble, please pay attention to the beginning of the period, when pike fishing is prohibited. After spawning, it will again begin to bite, but it can no longer be called Joram, especially with a capital letter. After spawning, pike will be sluggish and not as active. Therefore, the most successful month for pike fishing is March. Note that in March the pike are preparing to spawn, and this affects its choice of prey. Throughout this period, she will not be interested in bait more than five centimeters in length. Came for submissions to the store, stop your choice on the ones that are not deeper than 3-4 inches, since the closer spawning, the small fish of interest to the pike.

Let’s deal with the choice of location for fishing. The pike in every pond has its own route to the spawning grounds they tread» from year to year. The fisherman who knows these routes will be much easier. Harder if they are unknown, because they have to test every promising plot itself. Spring pike often found in small bays and sloughs, near the big driftwood or other cover. And here comes into force the following rule: the calmer and quieter backwater, more chances to stumble upon a pike. Fishermen tell that in the little bays they caught much more pikes, than in large and beautiful backwaters.

The bait we choose, the place is found, it’s time to talk about them. The spinning is better to take tough but with a soft tip, dimensions from 2.5 to 4 meters. The soft tip allows for better feel and control the lure with a rigid rod will allow you to get a feel for the jaws of a pike. The reel is best to choose the free-wheel and a spare spool too. The clutch should be strong, silent retrieve, and a vanishing line easy. The power of the same quality you will need for spring fishing. When choosing a fishing line is better to give preference monofilament with a diameter of 0.4 mm, because the impact on the fingers the braid in the cold feels is equivalent to the cut. About lures mentioned above – they can be anything, but needs to be compact and slim. Attach them to fishing line is best with a tungsten leash because pike have a habit to attack in the head, biting at the same line.

So I found a place, spinning assembled – the fun begins. After casting the bait, the transaction has to pass evenly, but quickly. The pace of transactions is determined by trial and error. You should also always remember that pike fishing is in shallow water and in zakoryazhennyh places, so the chance to hook very large. But still need to be alert. The stories of the fishermen, the pike, if it is, grab and quick bait, but it is very sluggish resisted by the spring. It may seem that hook has occurred, and only summing the log to the shore it turns out that this is not it. And the last rule — pike do not swim alone. Sometimes from under the driftwood out 6-8 pike. Good luck to you!

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