Where to catch fish in the river

Usually the river is quite difficult to choose a place for good fishing. Places around a lot, but what to choose – is unclear. On proper site selection should be influenced by many factors, including the size of the river, time of year, proposed depth, the selected object of fishing, as water intake facilities, the presence of prohibitions on fishing in certain places. There are some pretty universal rules are as follows. Broad river should be catch in a narrow place. In the deep river where it is shallower. Accordingly, on the narrow river to fish in a wide range of places in the shallow river – in the pits. On the rivers with a rapid current to catch should be in quiet places, in slowly flowing waters should be catch on the rapids. The rule is quite logical, repeatedly tested in practice. Usually the fish is trying to stay in places where there are no shelters, nowhere to hide and ambush. The fish should look for any vegetation, snags, submerged trees. This is especially true of predatory fishes that hunt by hiding behind such shelters. A lot of useful information about efficient places to gather, watching the local fishermen. They usually know where the best place to fish. They should be guided. Also about fish presence in the location, and can demonstrate indirect signs: periodic bursts, throwing fish out of the water, flying around, birds who eat fish a trifle, and a number of other signs. Also a symptom of catchability may serve as its proximity to artificial water structures – bridges, pontoons, sluices. In such places usually there is a natural concentration of fish. Also small fish and predators are not far from the beaches. This is due to the fact that the beaches often fall into the water of edible leftover food, such as fine bread crumbs, potatoes, corn, etc. All this attracts fish trifle. Behind her is a predatory fish, which are fished in the same place and change.

The best assistant in the choice of the best places for fishing is the angler. Observation, ability to analyze gone, the experience of fishing in the rivers usually provide the opportunity are almost always not remain without a catch.

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