Where to catch carp in late autumn?

The autumn came. The air temperature and, consequently, the water decreased significantly. Fish decreased their activity, began to move less and less to eat. But unknown to the fishermen to rest and to catch the fish want at any time of the year. And because the carp is the most common fish our waters, we will talk about this unpretentious fish.

Like all carp, crucian carp under cold and goes to great depths. With even greater temperature drops it will gather in large flocks and moved to wintering holes. But for now he remains at intermediate depths. During the last warm days he can still go in shallow waters where it feeds on the remains of aquatic vegetation. There to catch it easy, because at this time the water is fairly clear and the fish in clear water can be seen from afar. In connection with the transparency of the water is to use a line of white or light blue color because it is less visible in clear water. Diameter it can be used less than when fishing in the summer, because the carp in the cold water already has less resistance. To catch better on the nozzle of animal origin, such as worms, maggots, bloodworm. You can add them to the bait. From baits with a strong odor immediately is to refuse, as from where was used such a bait the carp will almost certainly go away.

At considerable depths carp best catch by bottom fishing gear such as feeder or picker. And simple bottom line. Bait – worms. As bait to use their own. To deliver the bait to the bottom the bait can be mixed with clay or silt to make pellets with the bait, the fish will gradually destroy, looking for the bait. It is worth noting that in contrast to summer, autumn makes no sense to come fishing early in the morning. The bite only starts when the temperature begins to rise, usually around dinner. Also usually brings the result of the night fishing. In the autumn, unlike summer, night, fish reduce their activity and practically do not eat. Of the positive features of the autumn fishing include the following. Summer carp across the waters of the reservoir. You can catch it almost anywhere, but large groups it creates. The only exception is a trifle. In the autumn, just need to find carp, then a good catch is almost guaranteed. Carp on the eve of winter gradually forms a group that was constantly growing, forming huge flocks, which in winter will move to wintering holes.

Features autumn fish behavior affect her bite. Bites become softer and less noticeable. So you need to use more sensitive floats or other signal devices for the bite.

It is also worth to say a few words about cooking autumn carp. During this period, carp, stocking up on fat before the long winter has very significant reserves of subcutaneous fat. The most delicious carp be obtained when frying. As preparation, you caught the fish to cook directly in the pond on the coals of the campfire. To prepare this still need a three-layer sleeve of aluminum foil where the fish will be cooked. In this way all the fat in fish will remain in the dish. Carp baked in foil in the fresh air just amazing!

So don’t sit back and think that if autumn came, then catch carp almost impossible. In the fall, even late, to catch carp is possible.

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