Where and what to catch sabrefish

This fish though is not rare, but in every pond. Fishing sabrefish it is very interesting and gambling. Any fisherman knows that to catch, say, a carp, is one thing. But doing the catching sabrefish, he seems to be reaching new levels. It prefers large rivers, reservoirs and lakes. In shallow ponds, lakes, and especially those areas that are covered with algae and contain a lot of vegetation, it will not meet never.


Where to catch sabrefish

Prefers fleeting river sections with sufficient depth. Day it is at the surface, and when the night comes, goes in deep areas of the pond. With the coming of the morning, it again can be found in surface waters.

Spawns in late spring.

Shoals sabrefish include the types of roughly the same size. Small and large individuals together do not swim ever. After spawning, it again returns to the place of their main Parking lot. With high probability to catch sabrefish, you can:

in areas near deep holes;

— on the border of fast and slow currents;

— in areas with a fast current;

— in depth;

in larger ponds free from vegetation.

Chehon may be caught in the middle or surface areas of the water column. Close to the shore, it is not never find. For fishing, you need to use long throws.

Sabrefish is kept close to the bed only at night. But this does not mean that day to catch her at the bottom gear is impossible. It is, without a doubt, feel free to drop to the bottom with the bait, grabs her sometimes even when she did not have time to reach the bottom.

When catching

The best period is the time before spawning. Biting her is so great that the catch can be quite decent. In the period of the spawning bite not wait. Catch it can start with a very early spring. The biting continues until the ice. During the day the activity is about the same. Only with the onset of the first autumn frosts, the tendency of strengthening the bite closer to the dinner. Winter activity it is almost zero.

What to catch

Sabrefish to the choice of bait undemanding. The main thing that it was an animal. Still, among the menu choices she makes in favor of a maggot. It is a treat. It is important when fishing, to stick the hook of not one but several pieces. Even better, if they are different colors. In fishing stores now you can buy maggots all colors of the rainbow. Even if some of the bait the same color is at least one red, it will attract the attention of fish. You can use worm, a fly, a butterfly and other bait. It is possible for the bait to add the Styrofoam peanuts and even red thread. First he pushed, then she’s the bait.

Very well will bite chehon on live bait. However, the fish used as bait must not be too large. Even very large instances of sabrefish, it is still not a pike or walleye.

Fishing sabrefish on spinning

If you are using exactly such a set, then the probability to catch large enough instances high. The bait should be cast adrift. While going against the flow, it becomes for the fish more attractive. Bait can be very different. This and wobblers, twisters. Best when spinning the saber fish bite on vibrohvost. And does it almost instantly on the cast by grabbing the bait.

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