Where and how to catch pike on the balancer

Pike December disperses and is very active, with all of this is at a depth of approximately 1 — 5 meters. And it perfectly caught on the border of the grassy vegetation at a depth of 2 metres. If the first of the winter season, the predator is active in virtually any pond, with the advent of gluhozime to catch it is becoming increasingly difficult. This can be explained by the fact that in closed water bodies use the oxygen, causing all the fish suffers and the biting becomes sluggish or fading at all.

So from the 2nd half of January the best results when fishing on the balancer will be better on waters where there is good oxygen condition, specifically in the rivers and deep creeks. In the middle of winter, for example, the outputs of the fish are short term and only in a few places. Therefore, during the harvest holes, toothy can not get.

On the result in minutes should not count, of course. Here the main thing — perseverance. It is, as a rule, rewarded. If in a selected area of the strikes was not, then you should change the place. If the pond you lived and you have information about the places that have holes, snags and bumps in General, those places where the animal can rest or ambush, the better the harvest to start exactly from here.

The holes should be drilled starting from the more promising locations at a distance of 10 – 12 meters from each other and arrange them in a checkerboard pattern. When saburina 5-6 holes, you can start fly fishing, starting with the first.

In the case where a place for fishing are not familiar with, you can find where the bottom is uneven, in other words, the slopes, braids, eyebrows, reverse current, pits. In this case it is necessary to drill the hole is not so often and only when you bite or you suspect it, it is necessary to change the size and colors of the balancer, then saborit around 3-4 wells and repeat oblaivanie.

Attention when fly fishing in an unfamiliar body of water mainly be given to places where there are traces from the previously drilled holes, having a high density (so it’s catching quite a long time), also about sticking out of the ice snags and submerged trees.

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