When, where and how to catch Chub at different times of the year?

Chub – a very valuable trophy for any angler because the fish is very careful, strong and beautiful. Big head, big mouth, bright red anal fin make this fish easily recognizable almost everywhere. For Chub, it is interesting to observe in summer when they swim near the water surface and collect fell on it for bugs and other food. But it is interesting not only to observe but also to catch him. How to do this will be described below

In the spring of Chub can be caught in shallow areas of rivers where the water warms up early, and fish is heated after cold water in wintering pits. To catch on the first insects that appear in this area. Also can be caught on artificial flies imitating these insects. With the advent of the beetles of big Chub caught exclusively on these beetles. Abandoned in the water beetle produces bursts of wings, which attract the fish. To determine the presence in a given place on the river the presence of fish is very simple. Chub, when it collects food from the water surface emits strong bursts around diverge circles on the water. It is in such a place and you need to throw the lure. Big fish are caught on spinners. Also a good bait for nimble small and medium-golovliov considered dragonfly larvae – caddis worm.

In the summer, especially in the intense heat caught Chub near the surface of the water in different insects, most commonly on the ridge. The main fishing gear is the fly fishing. Also catch his boat conventional fishing rod. You can often see how the fish are caught from bridges and other structures over the water on a rather interesting tackle, which is a fishing line tied to the hook. The hook is usually baited with a grasshopper. This horse hit the water, emitting a fish attracting noise. In the case of a bite the fish right out of the line. The rod normally in such cases, do not use unnecessary. Such fishing should observe the maximum silence because the Chub is very careful and timid fish. Hearing the noise, he saw the shore angler from the shadow of the rod the fish are hiding instantly, with scattering the whole bunch of Chub. So disguise and silence when fishing this fish play an important role.

In the fall of Chub moves to deep space, where it can catch on maggots or beetles on a piece of cancer, the so-called «crayfish». Small crayfish skewer whole. There are cases that this tackle is Chub catfish are biting and tearing gear. Usually on a bait caught quite a large fish – pounds and more. Fish fish of this size is a challenge, because the Chub is very strong and the hook does not seem right.

Chub in winter hibernation in the pits, where it can be captured. Since this fish when reaching a large size is showing signs of a predator, to catch it, like any other predatory fish, lure, usually small in size. However, in winter, the Chub comes infrequently. More favourable for gold are considered warm months of the year.


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