When the fish bite better

Any fish throughout the year has a distinct appetite. After an intense Jora, which usually lasts a week, the fish rests. The rest, as a rule, different fish different from each other. In some it is short, in others long.

In addition to the annual fish pronounced daily rhythm of nutrition. Each species his own. Pike, for example, during the day actively enjoying 2 times. Early in the morning from 2 to 5 hours and in the evening from 17 to 21 hours. Please note that the best pike bite in may, July and October. Winter activity of pike low.

Spring and autumn are very active and voracious pike. In may, he consumes up to 20% annual rate. The same performance he had in September. The perch likes to eat in the evening and night hours. From 21 to 23 PM and from 2 to 3 nights. From October to March, catch a pike perch, a great success. This time of year, it practically eats.


Som – spring record of food consumed. In may, he manages to swallow up to 75% of food allotted for the year. The most intense of his appetite at dusk.

Summer (June-July) and autumn (September – October) goes hunting ASP. It is the best time to fish in the morning and evening hours.

Also morning and evening well caught perch. He prefers to feed intensively in may – June and in September.

Roach half of their annual diet manages to swallow for June and September. The circadian rhythm of food she had not particularly observed, but still it is better to catch in the wee hours (2 to 4), morning (8 to 10) and afternoon (16 to 20) hours.

In may and July have a hungry bream. Daily feed he falls in the afternoon.

Virtually no meal timing does not adhere to the IDE. He has a great appetite during June and August. Also supplied and ruff. The whole year it can be catch, but especially in spring. During the day he is active in the morning, evening and night.

The factors influencing the biting fish

Water temperature greatly affects the food of fishes. The body temperature of fish changes with changing water temperature. Depends on the intensity of metabolism in fish and, consequently, the amount of consumed its food.

A significant impact on the fish the fish has a change in atmospheric pressure. The fall is accompanied by the appearance of clouds, wind and rain. The light intensity is reduced water. This greatly affects the behavior of the fish. Because each species feeds at a certain light (daily rhythm of food).

Increases the nibble fish during the rain. On the water at this time flows a large amount of organic substances contributing to the rapid development of phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos – the main feed of fish.

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