When it starts migration of birds from their departure and arrival

We all know that in autumn birds fly away to warmer climes from places with more severe climate. In Europe, the climate is much warmer as it is heated by the warm current of the Gulf stream, so the birds are flying in the direction of the East as a warm current makes the climate in this area.

Birds fly from North to South, mainly in the direction of flow of major rivers, but from the coast of the Black sea and the Azov sea, birds fly in the autumn to the West and South-West and mostly along the shore.

People are always interested in how birds Orient during flights and it has been a hundred years, as the Russian scientist F. Kessler, Professor of the Kiev University, argued that birds fly in a certain direction, mostly on the places where you can stop to rest, where a lot of food. Many zoologists do not agree with this statement and I tend to think that birds have narrow and specific Flyway, which are located along the coast and major rivers.

Currently, the researchers conducted a bird ringing, which has established the way birds fly and convinced of the rightness of Professor K. F. Kessler. They say that birds fly only on a particular permanent route, where there is space for Parking and enough food that gives the opportunity to eat, where there are no enemies and nothing prevents to gain strength for the flight into permanent hibernation.

Many land birds and some waterfowl that feed in the fields, it’s the cranes and geese usually fly on a broad front, and other coastal and aquatic birds, are more limited in selecting suitable places to feed and therefore fly the whole mass, while trying to adhere to the direction along sea coasts and large rivers.

In Ukraine hunting of migratory birds gather on the shore of the Black sea and the Dnieper and much less on the Danube and the Dnieper.

In the autumn, when lakes and swamps in the steppes are dry, then along the Dnieper to the South flying a large number of birds. Especially downstream, flying seagulls, sandpipers and flocks of ducks, as well as in more quiet places on the water are floating flocks of grebes is the kidney, loons and other small birds.

It is quite another thing in the spring, when the woods and steppes of the many puddles and lakes, and swamps filled with water, is a Paradise for water birds, as they have lots of food and no overcrowding. Moreover, in this period still hasn’t arrived sandpipers-sandpipers, loons and shorebirds.

Mainly in winter, many birds fly thousands of kilometers, but spring back to its original place, especially storks, every year they bring the Chicks in the same nest.

Waterfowl and wading birds are not so permanent and not tied to a specific location, they change their nests within a wide range, this is because sometimes a dry year, and if these waterfowl were so tied to one place, they would simply not survive when dry swamps and other water bodies.

It is known that the departure and arrival of birds is strictly serial, only the weather changes, sometimes breaks the habitual schedule.

All bird migration, autumn migration, spring arrival dependent on feeding, earlier arrival of spring means that food is already there, before they get here, as well as will not fly in the fall if there’s a lot of food. Cold in birds is not particularly affected, but indirectly they depend on the weather, as during the flight can freeze bodies of water will disappear of insects that will not allow birds to eat during the flight, and they can die.

So the water birds are never delayed from leaving, as they feed only on water, unlike other land birds, which can find insect larvae in the trees or on the ground, so they can be late with departure.

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