When allowed to hunt badger

Badger is a common animal. It occurs throughout Russia, but hunting is allowed in all areas, only where the strength allows, hunting badger with paid licenses. Badger, like the bear, hibernates. Bedtime he has a long and because of this factor, the hunting of the badger is very limited. As an industrial facility badger has no value, but some hunters prefer the animal for meat and fat badger, which is very useful in various diseases.

The beginning of the season of hunting for a badger in all regions of Russia begins in different terms. In the Moscow region hunting starts early in mid-August and ends in late November, when hibernating. In almost all regions of the country hunting is officially allowed from the beginning of September to end of October. In the Novosibirsk region to hunt the badger is prohibited by the animal welfare act.

Throughout the Russian Federation there is a restrictive quota on extraction of a badger. Every year the allowable number varies, but the average number of badgers extends to 30-50 per season. A license to hunt legally gives the Rosselkhoznadzor authorized organizations on a territorial constituencies.

To hunt the badger begin in the evening, but arrange the ambush in advance and so that it is easy to observe the exit of the hole of a badger and shoot him. Note that a evening breeze can change the direction and smell of a man spread to the burrow of a badger. This is a very sensitive beast, sensing the danger of the hole will not work. Choice for blind pick not near the hole, and slightly to one side. Saw a new subject, the animal can guard.

In autumn, when badger gathered enough fat for hibernation, it goes out in the fields just after sunset. Hunting for animals is recommended when the moon is full. A badger shoot, when he had time to move away from his hole for some distance below it after the first shot could not go back to his hole.

Sometimes the practice of hunting for a badger along with the huskies. The dog released to find a fresh trail in the evening, so that the pupil can quickly navigate the terrain. When the husky on the trail of the beast, she catches up to him and barking. Badger normally pressed his back to a Bush or tree and behaves aggressively, trying to do active attacks to bite a dog and a hunter.

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