What’s IDE? Where do I find it?

Outside the ovary resembles a Chub, but differs in the wider body, shorter head, smaller and oblique mouth. In addition, scales from the IDE is not that big, and the dorsal and anal fins are truncated (the Chub, they are always rounded). Coloration dusky, with a slightly Golden hue. Eyes yellowish-greenish with a dark spot at the top. Especially beautiful fish in the spring, during the spawning season: become even brighter red fins, stronger shots with gold scales. In short, the IDE is one of the most beautiful fish our waters.

Where to find the IDE?

So you’re going on the hunt for Yazev, but the question immediately arises: in what water bodies meet him most likely? Let us examine everything in order. First of all, it should be noted that IDE coloradobuy fish. It is therefore very interesting to be a small clean rivers with sand and gravel, clay or clay-ilovehim bottom.

The second type of reservoirs that is of considerable interest — the Straits connecting large deep lakes. Here IDE often lasts almost all summer. Large IDE careful, so the weaker the pressure of recreational fishing, the better. Always a good idea to go with ten kilometers to get away from the roads, and then…

Last summer I came to one lake on the Karelian isthmus. The lake itself is surrounded by large forests, and the coastline is very indented: almost everywhere many coves running into these minor and major streams. On the South shore, small streams, I immediately saw a dozen fishermen who excitedly dragged roaches and small roaches. After watching for half an hour, I decided to make a forced March to the North shore. The course will notice that when fishing IDE a rubber boat is often only a burden. Why this is so, explain below. The hike took nearly four hours: he had to go around the numerous bays, with barely visible trails to climb steep hills, sometimes to go on the water. But how much fun such trips! Here, something flaming to come: so this is an untapped currant bushes! How they got here — God only knows. It is necessary to do a halt! ..

Go on. Cross a wide stream, shallow — water on the knee. Notice how the dense thickets of bushes under the Bank, darted a shadow. Fish, but what? What’s that? On a sandy / rocky bottom, among the multi-colored stones in a quiet omode calmly is a small nalichik. At my approach he lazily runs under the nearest snag. Climb, know — nothing, burbot dissolved.. Walk down to the lake, right by the Creek, it becomes deeper and deeper behind the bushes lurks Stormy.

Finally I’m in the Northern part of the lake, near the mouth of a small, but sometimes deep ducts. Warm July day is nearing completion. Barely audible crackling alder Poleshko. In the pot, fragrant forest tea, to him, I enclose further sheets of strawberry and sweet mint, which is full on the edge. Quiet. Over the mirror, Golden in the setting sun the water column winds midges. And then diverge noiseless wide circles…

And suddenly I see near the shore dimly shines mysteriously turned broad side like a pancake. A few moments of lying on the water fish and disappears… Mug. It is about time to fish!

Quickly knead the bait and throw near the mouth of the Strait — there’s a depth of about five feet… the Float is barely noticeable spinning for. First bite and a small roach on the Bank. Second.. the third.. the Nozzle mercilessly devour the little thing…

Twilight all the tighter surround the lake. Behind, in the forest, quite dark, with only the glare of the fire jump in the water. But what is it? What a strange bite: float collapses a bit and acceleration is strongly to the side. Smoothly, sweeping strike, and immediately feel powerful drastic action. Fish goes in circles, then popping up to the surface, making desperate somersaults. Calmer, no rush, I slightly weaken the brake coil, pick up the landing net! Already at the shore, fish continues stubborn resistance, tossing from side to side, tumbles. Finally it was over — heavy gold ingot is shaking it in the landing net. It’s IDE, and a decent, faithful two pounds!

The night is dark velvet blanket shrouded the lake. The red float is barely visible, change it to white. Quiet noises floated around. Tightened his nightly song of the Nightjar. Here’s another bite, a short fight on shore is IDE, but much smaller. In the pitch dark in the ghostly light of a lantern, set up the pike rod. Throw live bait — a small smelt — next to the beach. All go to sleep. Throw into the fire several thick alder wood. Better wood to be found: they give a lot of heat and little spark.

…Wake up from the terrible dampness. All around sparkles from a heavy dew. The sun still below the horizon, but a narrow strip on the East was painted a Golden glow. By all appearances, the day will be hot. Damn, where’s the float? Find him under the nearest shrub bending over the water. Small pike are deeply swallowed the bait and went into the bushes, somehow confusing the line.

Slowly drinking hot tea, looking at your trophies… morning I managed to catch a couple of roaches and twenty pieces of large roach.

As expected, bulk of the heat. We need to save the catch: gutted the fish, stuffed with nettles, and the roach a little sprinkle with salt. Taste, of course, is not the moldy stuff but not bring home. …Already at the station getting acquainted with the Petersburg fisherman. The day he spent on the lake: drove mugs, put imitation fish. His trophies six decent pike to three pounds. Couldn’t help but brag and I pulled the biggest IDE. Of course, the view from the gutted fish worse, but then he heard the approving «well Done»!

No, not for nothing, I stomped miles of forest. For those minutes spent alone with nature, you should go and more! I think not pokrivlyu soul, saying I would be happy, even not caught anything. And that is it.

The following type of water bodies like IDE, solid, clean, small and large lakes. You need only be sure high flow rates.

IDE lives in large rivers and reservoirs. But, unfortunately, as a rule, it here a little: bad ecology, poaching reduced the population to a minimum. There were, however, times when Moscow-river, L. P. Sabaneyev was lowlevel IDE of nothing. But what happened, you can’t bring back. And we, all lovers of fishing, would be good to save what is left.

Not avoiding ides is strongly desalinated bays. For example, quite a lot in the Gulf. In the Aral sea and the Amur river basin there are subspecies of IDE.

Now let’s talk about the waters where the chance of catching IDE minimum. First of all, this is a small stagnant ponds and quarries. The IDE here is not to survive him for spawning, bring 6 — 7 mg of oxygen per liter, and such conditions in such reservoirs is almost never. Unpromising also deaf forest and peat lakes-donuts. The water is crystal clear brownish tint at the bottom of a layer of thick fluffy sludge, acidity high. As a result, the dumplings are struggling to get by carp and very rarely — perch and a small pickerel.

Not usual IDE and spring and mountain streams, here too cold water, when scarce prey. Generally speaking, the area of the IDE is very wide. It is found in rivers and lakes of European Russia, the Urals, in separate reservoirs of Siberia and the Kola Peninsula.

Under favorable conditions, as an exception, a lot of IDE can reach 5 kg. are Usually caught by anglers is dominated by fish from 400 g to 1.5 kg.


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