What you need to know when choosing stainless steel knife

Under the name steel implies a certain chemical composition, which is provided in a coded form and it is quite strongly limited with defined standards. Depending on the choice of the type of steel manufacturer, the blades may begin to rust quickly grow blunt, hard create, and after wrong sharpening in General will eventually wear off, also the blade can bend and break even at the minimum load.

But here, it is possible to reveal that not only the steel grade, it all depends, but there are also other factors that can be used in the production of no and no. The most important rule in the production is, of course, the quality of the quench and depending on it the blade might be too soft, which can lead to irreversible damage. Unfortunately, the eye to determine the quality of tempering, even the specialist can not, all this will be checked directly when using the knife.

Most of the manufacturers give preference in their catalogues, and also to indicate the hardness of the blade. This files most often on each trade this indicator is measured in units of Rockwell and has a certain symbol HRc. The blades for this indicator can be measured in the range of 40-60 units, an interval for simple knives is considered the limit 52-58 units. For a knife with a high hardness from sixty or more units. If you decide to purchase a knife, then an indicator you should consider very carefully as you will be able to determine the quality of the blade, as well as its approximate cost and if the price is significantly too high, then, most likely, the company wants to deceive the buyer.

Although it is possible to identify that if in the catalog from the manufacturer indicates this information, then it only shows that the manufacturer is mindful of their products and potential buyers. In fact, this is a great advantage for companies in their directories indicate such information and it can already be treated with particular confidence.

But again, we would like to go back a little, probably not all understood, what is a steel grade, and also what moments you should pay attention to? Still want to immediately determine what points there is a considerable number and to draw the attention necessary to each of them. In General, to talk about the classifications and the tap of steel today, we will not, because for many this may seem simply boring. We just decided to bring some of the most popular brands, as well as designate them in summary form.

Among domestic steel types, we chose 65 X 13, as it is the most popular in the manufacture of knives. The letter «X» means that in this steel there is chrome, and, therefore, it is possible to identify that it is stainless. Most often this type of steel produces medical scalpels and other tools.

Very often manufacturers working with this type of steel, call it «surgical» or «medical». Given type of steel can be attributed to quite soft, it made from this steel sharpens well, but also quickly and blunts. Of course, you can also bring a great positive moment of this steel will never rust.

Let us now consider the steel under the trademark 65 this type of stainless steel, but manufacturers still create swords. Products made of this steel are not expensive, so steel 65G has a huge popularity among manufacturers.

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