What you need to know when choosing an open mechanical sight

The most common device for aiming a sight with the open mechanism. The invention of this type of sights goes back centuries, and nowadays it is used for all types of small arms. The sight consists of flies, which is located at the end of the barrel and rear sight, located in the breech. Line for aiming is a straight line which passes through the slit in the rear sight and the top of the fly.

The installation angle of the sight during the shot at various distances is achieved by raising the location of the pillar with an initial level to a height that corresponds to the desired distance. If necessary lateral adjustments of the rear sight shift in the right direction. When shooting in the night-time sight and front cause the phosphorus index. Open sight is very easy to operate and has a great view of the examination, as the pillar of small size and does not close the space.

Optical sight

This type of sight is an optic tube, which is designed for observation of objects at a distance. This optical system of tubes called «telescopic». In optical sight is a lens, the eyepiece and the circulation system.

Increase or multiplicity are the main characteristics in the optical sight. The enlarged image in the optical sight, the shooter perceives as an approximation of the object, the distance to the target is reduced by an amount equal multiplicity. Multiplicity indicate an «X». In our time produce scopes from 1.5 to 40 g.

Sight — this is the part of space that can be observed through the fixed optical sight. It is expressed in linear or angular measures. Linear field of view is determined by the size of the controlled space with a certain distance. The field of view vzaimozachet from the increase in sight. The greater the increase in visibility, the less will be the field of vision and Vice versa.

The types of optical sights

Scopes are divided into two main types: scope, which has a permanent irreversible increase in the scope with the possibility of changing the magnification (zoom).

Scope with the steady increase made in the following sizes ratio: 1.5 x, 2x, 2.5 x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 16x, 20x, 24x, 36x.

The sight has a slight magnification (1.5 x — 4x) has an increased field of view and more convenient when fired at a moving object at a short distance, about 150 m.

What you need to know when choosing an open mechanical sight

Sight with high rate (16x — 36x), has a smaller field of visibility. And weapons, which equipped with this sight, must be recorded, so even a small vibration of the barrel changes the location of the target in sight of your sight. Such sights are used during the shot on a static object at a known range at distances of over 600 meters.

The optimal increase in sight is the average multiplicity (6x — 12x), which has a field of view from 5 to 10.

Pancratic sight has the smooth changes in magnification, which allows to observe the object continuously from the review of targets at low magnification and a larger field of view. The continuity of change increase in the sight achieved through the application of the lens of variable focus or system to wrap with variable magnification. Pancratiast this sight is characterized by the ratio of the maximum and minimum magnification, where the magnification ranges from 2.2 x — 5x.

In some types of pancratic sight is the ability to automatically calculate the distance to the object and to automatically calculate the necessary angle of sight during the shot on the objects with known parameters.

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