What you need to know to start collecting antique hunting weapons

What you need to know to start collecting antique hunting weapons

Today, the demand for historical, collectible and antique weapons in our country is growing steadily. There are such instances of firearms and cold arms, the upper price limit of which is infinite. The number of true collectors who have the most valuable and the old models can be determined. But experts of this field believe that in our country there are more than 50 thousand people.

Before you start to develop the theme of antique weapons, I would like to give a few words as in the recent past has changed the attitude to this type of weapon. In our days, as it is not accepted to remember that the speed of the old models of weapons on the territory of the former Soviet Union virtually controlled by, and all the models produced until the early 20th century, as such weapons were not considered. The ancient weapon was a definite rarity for the people of our country, and keep it on hand could only one.

Possible reasons for this state of Affairs was quite a lot. Terrible wars and their consequences have become the reason for such a small quantity of antique patterns, which can be found in museums or private collections. Only a small portion of confiscated and subject to destruction of the weapons of the past were able to get to the museums or special collections of the cultural values of the country. But in these state institutions, it is subject to deactivation, which in most cases is equivalent to the same destruction.

What you need to know to start collecting antique hunting weapons

Rather strict legislation concerning weapons, which was adopted at the beginning of the period of perestroika was the reason that everything was free, in terms of the former Soviet Union suddenly found itself outside the law. The law on the protection of cultural values, among which also included the antique, was taken only at the beginning of this century. Its provisions are actually regulated it free buy and sell. The main need for such decisions was the desire to answer some specific features of international law and international relations.

What is an antique gun? The average citizen of our state is unlikely to give the correct answer to the question. To date, this weapon is short firearms, whose age exceeds 100 years and edged weapons, which is more than 50 years. However, at the same time, it can be noted that a century is not a particularly a big life for weapons. Because of this definition, quite modern and current model of «Browning» and «Leggero», which was made in the beginning of the last century, are free to act in an absolutely legal and open sale.

As for hunting rifles, they can be not only a dangerous weapon in the hands of hunters, but even whole works of art. Collecting antique hunting rifles for hunting in our country legitimately. Hunting weapons, which belongs to the Antiques, can be divided into models of serial and piece production. It can be noted that the value and cost of the collector’s instance will depend on many factors, including the age of the weapon absolutely will not be the main or defining parameter.

What you need to know to start collecting antique hunting weapons

The quality and harmony of elements is a mandatory characteristic of any antique weapon. Artificial arms is characterized by a graceful shape, which will remind about some subjects of ancient art. Visual and physical data, it can be heavy and have a clearly defined geometry of forms and lines. Boxed guns are always refined and forms the bed of the forearm, and the value of these items depends on the material used, the presence of precious metals and of precious wood and surface treatments and textures.

The production model of the antique guns will always have concise lines and clear geometry of forms, but the forearm and the box will differ more than a simple plastic. This can be explained by the fact that the form of such models were originally intended for serial production manufacturing and machine tools.

Many novice collectors thinking about purchasing antique models through numerous auctions, but don’t do it their fear of buying fakes or issues that may arise when assessing the legality of such acquisition. They can be calm, as the legislation does not repair any obstacles when buying antique weapons should only take into account certain provisions of the law «On weapons».

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