What you need to know to properly organize the hunt for Sika deer,

What you need to know to properly organize the hunt for Sika deer,

Sika deer differs from other species of its family, the amazing harmony and grace. The animal is characterized by summer beautiful fur that covered the original spots. It is because of these spots the beast and got its name. But in winter, these spots are completely or partially get off the skins of the animal. The animal usually has a four-pointed horns, and the «mirror» is a characteristic only deer that have small size. To hunt this little handsome man is best during the rut, which takes place in the period from September to January.

Place of residence

The animal has a fairly wide habitat. It’s Korea, Japan, China, Russia. Very often it can be seen in the regions of southern Primorye. Deer prefer to live in big oak and deciduous forests. If in winter, falls of snow, the thickness of which exceeds half a meter, the animals begin to experience discomfort. It is difficult to move and difficult to find food. In such cases, small herds are moving on to other regions for the winter.

The best food for animals, fallen leaves and acorns that deer quite successfully get out from under the snow cover throughout the winter. Very often, they eat buds of trees and different shoots. Rags and bark also act as food, but eat them less udovolstviem.

Up to six years, females reach reproductive age, but participate in the rut only at the age of three. The male is a little late in this matter in comparison with women. The first gun, which can take part of the male spotted deer begins only once they reach four years. From September through the month of November is animals mating period, but the period of active rut lasts no more than seven days, somewhere in mid-October. At this time, the location of the males can be identified by a characteristic whistling sounds, which from time to time turn into a roar. In the family of Sika deer may be no more than four females.

Males during the rut, can greatly to lose weight. At this time it is characterized by poor appetite and over the period of rut adult male can lose a quarter of her body weight. Pregnancy females occurs roughly 7.5 months. Young deer’s mother start the pasta after 10 days after birth, but they do not depart from their parents until spring. The very first and real antlers have deer at the age of ten months. But soon these horns are reset, and the next year deer grow new, which they drop annually in April to may.

In his natural habitat this animal can live up to 14 years. Hunger, which very often experience these animals in periods of too cold and snowy winters, often becomes the main cause of death of these beautiful animals.

Hunt for Sika deer

Experienced hunters say that the best time to hunt Sika deer is the rut. It usually lasts from September to November and this is the time the deer is so engrossed in his occupation that paid little attention to what is happening around them. The males are busy fighting for females, and the hunter can effortlessly lure deer for the shot. All you need to do the hunter – is to portray the voice and behavior of adult male deer to break a few branches and knock over trees. The deer who is close by, will react to these sounds and go on the hunter. At this time, the main thing is not too fast and as best as possible to zero.

Another equally successful way of hunting this deer’s hunting party. On a hunt I go only accompanied by hunting dogs. This dog takes trail and can bring the hunter is not only a deer, but often the whole herd. Having discovered the herd, experienced dogs will drive deer into the open. The main task of the hunter in this hunt can be called excellent and timely response, otherwise he may lose his trophy.

Some hunters prefer to hunt deer from a blind. To calculate the Sika deer in the woods is quite simple, but to approach the animal must be as carefully. To determine that the animal is in the immediate vicinity for the broken branches of bushes and stripped bark. Hunt down the spotted beauty, you must approach him on the firing range and shoot. Experienced hunters believe that the deer alone can be dangerous so always take a backup. It is possible to conduct such a hunt from the tower, if there is one in hunting. The tower offers a excellent overview, which helps to calculate the beast.

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