What you need to know to choose a good shot

Each component of the cartridge to a greater or lesser extent, affects the quality of shot peening. However, there are elements that can directly determine the future outcome. Such elements would necessarily include a fraction.

Small balls of lead, which is characterized by a certain diameter called pellets. Features gun fights, and also the distance of the shot is directly dependent on meeting the standards of the shape of the projectile from shot. Each bullet feels just a huge load during the passage along the bore of any gun. Thus, the unit fractions, which is located in the middle of charge crease, and located at the edges can largely be erased under the influence of the channel walls of the gun. This is the reason for the decline in the quality battle, as the air resistance has a different effect on the pieces, have a different shape. These factors can cause not only a noticeable speed reduction, but also significant deviation of the direction of flight when fired. Therefore, it is the high initial velocity of the projectile may be a direct cause rather serious impact on the pellets, and that becomes the cause of their deformation.

Fractions, as a material for the production of which we only use pure lead with no impurities, are characterized by great softness, easy to crumple and fade. In the production process with a hot fraction to the mass of lead is added the exact amount of antimony. Cartridges that use athletes for participation in competitions on sports trap shooting, consist of fractions, covered with a layer of copper or Nickel. When using heavy guns for each caliber is better to use more powerful charges. For light guns, thus more light.

What you need to know to choose a good shot

Today, there are varieties of fractions of different sizes. The difference between the numbers of shot is the size of the diameter, which is 0.25 mm for each size. For example, fraction No. 11 will be characterized by the amount of 1.5 mm. And for the product of the largest size – 5 mm. For the manufacture of products with excellent strength characteristics is lead with some antimony. The use of plating in the manufacturing process always implies the presence of the upper layer of alloys of Nickel or copper. During the flight the trunk, the product of greater hardness is always exposed to much less strain, which makes it possible to provide maximum shooting performance.

Buckshot is a product which has the largest size. Choosing to fire a shot or buckshot, it is necessary to focus on the type of weapon, type of game and hunting features. Experts believe that a rabbit can even walk with a fraction of the room, but during the hunt in autumn, when the bird becomes more resistant to injuries be useful to roll on 1-2 numbers more than for hunting in the summer. When firing a shot of any caliber, do not neglect the amendments on the course, which will be on fire.

The main quality problem of products of domestic production is the level of hardness. The problem of soft fraction in our state existed at all times since before the revolution, wealthy hunters tried to order for your own use of English fraction greater hardness. No doubt, the manufacturers of such products much easier to pour a softer roll, but they cannot ignore the needs of consumers for centuries.

If the product is no marking or is there a need to test it when you first check it can be done with pliers. If the pellet can be easy to flatten and give it a pellet form, thus not making much effort, then this fraction can be considered soft. From the fraction, which has excellent characteristics of hardness, You will not be able to do even a semblance of a pellet.

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