What you need to know to choose a good Russian hound for hunting

The Russian hound is a unique breed of dog that was bred for a very long time in Russia. These dogs did just fine hunting in the 12th century, however, as it is now. Russian hound is very hardy, has a wonderful voice, the incomparable flair, so can track a beast. Quick and agile.

This breed is very beautiful. Medium size in height (about 57-65 cm). Body type dogs are powerful and strong. Russian hound can be with scarlet and grey coloring with white spots.

The size of the hair all over the body are completely different: for example, on the head and legs are short, the trunk long. Powerful, well-developed muscles.

Head compared to the body is small, the skull is slightly elongated. The muzzle is slightly elongated, the nose broad, lips dark with no saggy parts. The ears are rather thin, the shape is similar to the triangle, hanging.

The eyes of the Russian hound brown, with the edges of the eyelids dark. Also, the dog has good teeth with scissor bite.

The conformation of the dog is very suitable for fast running and hunting. Muscular body, powerful neck is quite wide, front legs straight, rear legs are very muscular, the claws tend to down. The tail is broad and tapers to the tip.

There is also another interesting breed — the Russian piebald hound. This breed is very common in Ukraine. Hunting shows results not worse than the Russian hound. There are a few differences from the previous dog.

The height at the withers of about 60-68 inches. Figure dry and very durable.

The color of the dog is dark, but spotty. Black spots can be large enough in addition to temples, there are already little spots. Remain white paws and belly.

A distinctive feature of the Russian hound dog has a coat — piebald hound she is much worse and the dog has no mane.

Excellent, strong and wide body type. Strong legs are the same as the Russian hound.

Such dogs must have certain qualities and abilities. It it is possible to determine the efficiency of data and hunting dogs. All these traits of dogs are inherited and improved in the training process.

A detailed list of the best qualities of the Russian and Russian piebald hounds:

1. Flair is one of the most important abilities for the hound. Without it, she just can’t be useful and perfectly cope with the task. Her task is to quickly find the beast on the trail to catch up with him, she have great deal with confusing traces. The dog recognizes the odor of other animals, knows the direction in which they move.

Remember that if you are buying this breed of dog, you need to know about the parents, as flair is inherited.

2. Topiclist — the dog must be able to find the animal and send his «voice».

3. The voice is a very important trait that defines the efficiency of the dog. The voice needs to be loud, strong but melodic. It must be very different from the voices of dogs of other breeds. Dog in any case should not chase the animals in silence.

4. Viscosity — which means perseverance. Even if the dog lost the trail, she must track him down and find a specific animal. This quality is very dependent on the owner and training. The viscosity can constantly improve.

5. Stamina — a dog should not get tired in quite a long time. The backslash must constantly train and to educate. The hound never tires and is always moving forward.

Hounds dogs are constantly in need of training and education. But be careful with young dogs and puppies. Hard training can ruin feet, that will lead to the fact that the dog will not be as fast as can be.

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