What you need to know for a successful hunt for Siberian ROE deer

What you need to know for a successful hunt for Siberian ROE deer

Siberian ROE deer is a beautiful and elegant hoofed, family of deer. The habitat of this animal is considered the area located between the left Bank of the Volga river and Primorsky Krai. However, not all of the area of suitable habitat for this animal. The main factor that influences the presence or movement of deer include the presence and depth of snow cover. Two feet is a critical indicator of the snow cover. If the snow exceeds this level, animals are looking for other residence and trying not located in areas where such snow cover is more than 200 days a year.

This beast is characterized just amazing plasticity. In fact, the Siberian ROE deer is an animal of the steppe. It lives mainly in lowland and mountain forests and tries to avoid deaf taiga. Likes to live in open forests and prefer to eat the shoots or buds of oak, ash, aspen, birch or lime, and pine needle. If possible, happy to eat acorns, lichens, berries and fruits. The worst time for animals is the end of winter – beginning of spring. It was at this time they lack the full energy and wet food. But the metabolism, is enhanced at this time, causes the animal to eat more dry food, which is poorly absorbed due to lack of water.

The Siberian ROE deer, the animal is polygamous. Females can participate in the rut from the second year of life. And the rut of these animals falls on August-September. During this period the male deer regularly crawls your site to meet female. At the beginning of the process of running involved only old males, but in the process they are joined by younger individuals. Siberian ROE deer do not form lasting pairs or harems during mating season, but males are becoming a fairly brutal fight for their females. Adult males are very much roaring in this period and their low and staccato voice can be heard for several kilometers. At this time, Siberian ROE deer, like all other animals lose caution and often become easy prey for the hunter.

There are several ways to hunt for Siberian ROE deer, during the formation of steam. The most popular way can be called a hunting blind. At this time, the hunters, identify where likely will be a male deer, and trap animals. Do it are a special place, schrade or used rigs, in which the hunter waits for the animal will not be released under sure shot. More active hunting with the huntsman can bring pleasure for a real gambler the hunter. But it is best to use the assistance of the huntsman, and to have a car with good maneuverability.

These animals, which abtut mostly in the forest, always trying to stay close to water sources, in areas of mixed or deciduous forest type. They try to spend time on the outskirts of the forest glades and edges. When he gets up or the sun goes down the hunters with huntsmen circle the habitats of animals, in order to determine areas that will provide the best conditions for hunting.

What you need to know for a successful hunt for Siberian ROE deer

In the period of mating season, deer are not moving quite deliberately and carefully, and if a hunter saw a suitable target, then immediately upon detection can begin approach or STO-len of the beast. In order to secure the most successful avenues of approach every hunter must first take into account wind direction. Siberian ROE deer have instincts developed and can quite easily feel. Therefore, in the process of this hunting not the last role always plays the note of the hunter and his shoes.

Siberian ROE deer as little as possible time to spend in a dense forest, where the trees and shrubs hinder the running. So the animal can be quite easy to spot in open space. Deer have good eyesight and can see hunter for a few tens or hundreds of meters, so tracking down an animal, you should try to stay behind bushes, trees and grass.

The most successful shooting, shooting the male a rifled gun from a distance of not more than two hundred meters. Thus it is better not to hurry and to wait until the animal back to the hunter side. Shoot the best at the chest part. If the animal is injured in the stomach, it can go on for quite a long distance. The chances of finding a wounded animal, the ROE deer, the hunter is small. Experienced hunters recommend to stop your choice on the model of the Remington M700 or Magnum caliber 7 mm. this weapon will allow you to get good results in the process of such hunting.

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