What you need to know as a new hunter

What you need to know as a new hunter, how to choose the right weapon how to behave on the hunt? For these and many other questions will be answered in this article.

The first thing obviously will face any novice hunter, this is the right choice of weapons. Currently, the stores offer a huge selection of hunting rifles. Beginner arrow best fit the gun with a horizontal or a vertical arrangement of trunks. Backforty very active burst into modern life, and the rare hunter doesn’t have the same rifle in its range. When choosing weapons it is necessary to pay attention to the drilling of trunks, well, if it is different. Fans of the automatic weapon offered several options mnoGoSearch, box and tube shops, although considered a hunting weapon is not entirely correct. When choosing a gun, check it for prekladatele this several times skinite weapons and see how fast the target is in the line of sight. It is also important how comfortable is the gun in his hand and is placed in the shoulder recess.

The second stage after buying the gun, is the safety and proper operation of the weapon. Neither hunting nor on the bench not to send weapons to the person, it is usually necessary to learn everyone. The gun should be locked and loaded only immediately prior to hunting or shooting (if stand). The gun must be protected from moisture and dirt. Even clean the barrel very often, when a sharp temperature drop, condensation, should be avoided. Weapons need to clean and maintain. Before shooting it is best to check the condition of the barrels. Never be left in the barrel cleaning rod, a random shot this ammunition can permanently deprive you of expensive guns. Keep the gun should be in a special case.

The third stage of learning the beginner skills of owning a gun is training your body for proper weapon retention. It is no secret that all guns are manufactured under some of the average shooter. And if the imported rifles have such lodges is that they are nice to keep in the hands of hunters of different sizes, height and age, guns of the Izhevsk and Tula production is far from perfect. Therefore, in the absence of the correct balance of the gun, its prekladatele and other shortcomings of the hunters have two options for solving the problem. The first option is the fit boxes for the specific hunter, a rather complicated and expensive procedure. As a rule, adjustment is performed by the sportsmen for trap shooting, while others use the second solution to the problem. In this case, not the gun fit the hunter and shooter training and adapt to standard bed gun. All of the above is achieved through training, adjusting the position of the hands, changing the angle of the elbows, position of the body and head. Over time the standard gun will turn into a great tool for hunting.

Weapons ready and perfect lies in the hands of such that is necessary is to pick up ammunition. Beginners are strongly advised to use the standard cartridges are sold in hunting stores. More experienced «pathfinders» can produce equipment of the cartridges themselves. Through the use of high-quality components and competent selection of the powder charge many hunters could reduce recoil, increase range and area of effect. It is important to remember disadvantage of improvised cartridges loaded in the previously used sleeve, this is a limited time for their use. Is it worth the money saved, the big question.

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