What you need to know and use when hunting wild boar

What you need to know and use when hunting wild boar

Hunting enthusiasts will be very interesting this article. We will talk about hunting wild boar.

Wild boars live in the pine-oak thickets, mixed forests and oak-hornbeam forests. Most active at night because during the day they just rest up. In the daytime try to hold the stud. Don’t forget that boar hunting is very dangerous, as this wild animal which can provide a person quite a few problems. Already in the process of hunting it is not necessary to forget that the wild boar is very strong, and shoot accurately you need at the most vulnerable places – the lungs, the heart, the neck or behind the ear. When hit in other places of extraction of the beast clean will not work. In the case of a good shot no need to approach this beast, as it can sharply jump up and rush towards the attacker. In the event that a wounded animal after the shot started to go, do not immediately rush to him, you need to wait about half an hour and then walk in his footsteps.

The most suitable weapon for hunting such a beast can be called the double-barreled 12-gauge. This shotgun allows the hunter to shoot at the beast from 2 times and in the future allows for quick recharging. One specific model is very difficult to call, as all models have different characteristics.

There are several methods of hunting for wild boar: pen, hunting for zasidko and approach of variant hunting. Detachment, or as it is called «battue hunting» the most popular method. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the beaters have to fit beast hunters already waiting for him. This hunt requires good preparation, exploration and more accurate location of the pack of wild boars. Shooting wild boar should be conducted from a distance of not less than 40 meters, and its pursuit should be charged at least 2 experienced hunters.

Shooting held at zasidko not less variant of the hunting. Most often boars are waiting near the places where they feed or on the trails that lead to places like this. When the boars want to reach a more open area they are very careful: they are a bit long out of the bushes, while listening and sniffing. The hogs to such an extent loudly begin to draw air into the penny, to hear them in the distance up to 200 meters. Experienced hunters are very carefully prepared for such a hunt, in order to avoid various is not desirable nuances and get great loot.

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