What you need to know and comply with the hunter for a successful hunt for deer in the spring

Spring hunting for deer begins as soon as the snow melts and in some places appears a little grass. Her and go out to eat forest animals. On the slopes of mountains and small glades hunters were waiting for their next trophy. A few decades ago hunting was the main method of obtaining food for the inhabitants of Siberia. Living creatures were many, and the hunters did not adhere to the terms and rules of hunting.

Of course, with the arrival of spring, to hunt out some warm tights, no shoes. It was easier and more invisibly to get close to wild animals. Hunters of that time was not a sufficient quantity of ammunition, mostly for the shot was loading only one cartridge. Possible reloading, in case of a miss, the hunters had not, and had to approach the animal close. In another case, the hunters were left without a prey, and their families without a livelihood and food. Physical training was valued, as well as cunning and knowledge of the habits of the deer.

In late spring the hunters would go to the barbarous methods of hunting – lure females ROE deer with peepy, who imitated the squeak of a newborn baby deer. Going into the habitats of animals, people did not think about the preservation and enhancement of wildlife, they kill not only females but also young kids. In the modern hunting application pishchikov is poaching and punishable by law. On the spring hunting is allowed to kill only males with horns, which are highly valued in the industry.

Deer have poor eyesight, allowing you to approach them at a sufficient distance for the shot. Instead, have a developed sense of smell – sense of smell and hearing. These forest animals are able to detect the slightest suspicious rustle and smell of a man for a few tens of meters from himself. In late autumn, when the forest begins to be covered with snow, deer migrate to places with least snow cover, there it is easier to produce their own food in the form of shoulder straps shrubs, trees and moss.

Going in early spring to hunt on a snowmobile, you must consider some factors. Quite a difficult thing to drive an animal on a snowmobile, on the way, and then there are the barriers of vegetation in the forest. And if that was the way to hunt for deer and wolf more acceptable then hunting for wild birds or the bear is hopeless. Snowmobiling is only allowed to get to the hunting area, shoot the sick animals or pests.

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