What you need to know about winter fishing.

After your full penetration into the subject of winter fishing, including the examination of a mass of specialized literature and other sources, examining the rich experience of predecessors, you are staying on the list of necessary goods.

Among which are important sets of lures for winter fishing. Over time, you will have all a large number of spinners, after all, equip your fishing rod, you make sure that the best way winter blesneniya is a group.

When you finally got to the pond, frozen in their beautiful winter plumage, watching his fellow competitors, their every move is important to you, and the advice received earlier. And even if fishing you recently failed, this time luck may turn away from you. The facts of failure can be very different. Get ready for the treacherous shenanigans of the pike, which can knock the rod out of your hands and the failure to hang on spinners walleye. And possibly cause all existing setbacks will be wrong spoon.

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