What you need to know about night vision devices when selected

For anybody not a secret that any fisherman or hunter dreams of the acquisition unit for night vision, but with a large variety of these devices in shops – the choice becomes a difficult problem. What is the difference from monocular binoculars what device night glasses, and how to perform its functions as a night sight? If such an instrument as sight, everything is clear, monoculars and binoculars for night vision there are several types, which perform their function in different areas: in thickets, on open space, mountains in town. For movement in a transport at night as there is a special glasses manufacture.

In principle, all devices operate at the increased level of residual light flux, which even in the dark radiate the sky, and its reflection from snow cover, water masses and the earth. The increased brightness of the image is performed using image intensifier TUBE (electron-optical Converter), and your eyes receive the image at the output of fifty thousand times brighter than the input. These devices are for civilians, and that they are hunters, are related to 1st and 2nd generation. For 3 and 4 generation include devices intended for military purposes. Device 1st and 2nd generation give enhance the picture brightness 850 – 2000 times and high cost are no different.

Many hunters are quite popular for such a night vision device like the monocular, which by design consists of an eyepiece, image intensifier and lens. The owner of this device can observe the environment at night using one eye. The basis for the manufacture of the TUBE is monocular 1st generation and its price range from 140 to 210 dollars. The device is very effective in viewing range in total darkness (in caves, underground structures, basements) or seventy meters, due to the presence of if illuminator.

Binoculars for night vision, in its classic version consists of two eyepieces, two image intensifier tandem lens. Such devices NV give a clear picture in stereo at a fairly far distance to observed objects (180 – 200 meters). The magnification of the image is 1×4. The price of binoculars NV of the first and first plus generation from 250 to 410 dollars, and the second generation from 1450 dollars.

Schematic diagram of the action of the sight NV monocular is the identical, with some differences in the constructive elements of the device. First, there is a mounting of the device on the gun, second, it has a system of «reconciliation». The main function of the night vision sight is a combination of my line of sight that is labeled special workmanship on the scope instead of crosshairs. At the request of the hunter brand, you can establish both peace and dark, but also well visible in the dark. When shooting this device is subjected to considerable stress, for this reason, it meets such characteristics as durability, resistance to impact and reliability. The use of sight in combination with a light hunting gun gives excellent results when the distance to the target of 350 – 400 meters. The price of the sights of the first generation originates from 380 dollars, the second generation – from $ 1,900.

Night vision goggles on are you do not have much difference with other night vision, but they present special design features. The mounting points is carried on the hunter’s head, allowing his hands to feel complete freedom. For aimed firing in the night, some models of night vision goggles equipped with a laser pointer type.

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