What you need to know about microjy

In the last decade it has become fashionable to «reduce» jig lure, in other words to use microgy. This lure, which uses a sinker with a hook, became popular in the first place, due to its price, as it will afford as the spinning-novice and experienced anglers. The majority of fishermen easier to say goodbye to a cheap jig than to leave it in underwater snags pricey Wobbler or spinner.

Microjy sufficiently productive. The rate of fishing exceeds that of all other methods, and therefore increase the chance to catch the long-awaited perch.

For this type of lures use soft materials the minimum size, which not only attract predatory fish, but peaceful creatures. Which, again, helps to increase the day’s catch.

This method of fishing is much different from the usual classic jig, namely:

— use of artificial lures, which size does not exceed 2.5 cm;

— mainly used jig head smaller. The exception is fishing in waters with strong current. In this case, it is used only silicone smaller;

— at greater depths microgy is unnecessary, it is adapted only for shallow waters.

The importance which uses a spinning fisherman. We can hope for success if you use a short «tool» with a small test and fast or ultra-fast test.

Coil best buy with interchangeable spools, as this will help to quickly accommodate to the rapidly changing conditions of fishing.

As for bait, you need to choose the right color that attracts the right fish. It is therefore often the material use silicone or special rubber, as they can be «dressed» in different colors.

But the jig head can be factory or homemade. It does not matter. For successful fishing as long as its weight does not exceed 5 grams, the same as in the classic jig. It consists of a sinker that is made of lead and has the shape of a ball, plus a small hook.

If something in this jig-head is not satisfied, then you can safely use to MICRODIA lures for winter fishing, most of which tees (three hooks), and are also popular lures comfortable shape that reminds of a drop.

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