What you need to know a novice hunter, hunting as a new hobby

Hunting has long been fascinated by men. The ideal place for such a hobby will be the suburbs or countryside. Because nowadays, any office worker on weekends to tend the city, closer to nature. Bush meat is the primary task of man. Modern man in the outfit of the hunter is just a delight. As you start to hunt? And to start, as always, is not easy. First you need to learn, at least, characteristics of weapons, equipment, demeanor, and safety. It is also important to have free time and no small financial potential.

We will try to consider the budget option for a novice hunter. The first thing you need to acquire equipment and weapons. For the summer comfortable fit lightweight suit that will not hamper movement when running and walking, where the fasteners are buttons and zippers. (Velcro picks up all sorts of garbage.) Shoes should be waterproof. Better if it will be low boots or shoes. Sometimes you have to overcome the path of several kilometres along the marshland. So based on gear. You must purchase a cartridge, knives, bag or mount for game. Do not be amiss a little flashlight.

Here we are ready for the first hunt. As without weapons, you say. That’s it. The first experience is better to buy it in this form. It is not necessary to take up arms on her first hunt. Better to walk, to listen to advice, to ask you to take up arms experienced hunters. But will allow you to take someone else’s weapon and practice on purpose is the question. The first time should listen and take note. After return from one hunting time to ponder the weapon selection. The lack of haste. Will have to go shopping and choose the best option.

The perfect solution for the budget option would be the gun brand » TOZ, Mr and IL. The main thing — to feel your weapon! But even if the choice is made, the purchase may not be considered. You do not have the relevant documents. To become a happy holder of the permit to possess firearms, you must contact the police Department in your area. If all the necessary documents on hand, permission you will receive in a few days. And now, with this document you can go to a gun store for the purchase. There you will help you choose and ammunition. After you have made all the necessary purchase and hunting license too, going after a license to shoot game. The hunter never I wish you luck, better to say: «No fluff, no pen.» And hear in response: «the hell».

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