What you need for winter fishing?

Winter fishing as well as summer, is an interesting and very hazardous sport. Many Amateurs and professionals prefer to catch fish in the cold season. You ask why? It has a simple answer: in the winter of luring fish is from the surface of the ice. To catch under these conditions, the desired trophy is much harder than in the summer, especially when you consider the ruthless winter climate (snow, strong winds and severe frosts). Special success for the fishermen is the presence in the company of the beginner, and if you decide for the first time to go ice fishing, be sure that you will succeed, and the first winter bite first caught roach or perch will bring a lot of fun.

So, what do you need for winter fishing?

First and foremost you need a reliable and confident companion, preferably firsthand experience with winter fishing. It will help with the choice of bait for fishing, get the fish out of the hole, invigorate and will not make bored, tell fishing stories, from which you can see a lot of useful information. And most importantly, save you from dangerous situations on the water (briefed of conduct on the ice), but if, God forbid, this happens, will give a helping hand. The beginner on the ice to come out is strictly forbidden, and if we so badly want to – do not choose a deserted place, keep a short distance from the other people in the accident they can call for help.

The second, not less main point is the fishing equipment and clothes. You can buy them in specialized shops (fishing), but the thing is: the axe, fishing box or chair, as to fish in a standing position for even a short time is very difficult, and of course fishing rods (3-5 equipped with different lures and different fishing line diameter), hook extractor (a device for retrieving lures and hooks from the jaws of predatory fish, without harming their hands), bait (bloodworm, maggot, worm, artificial bait).

The third point is patience. It you will definitely need, because the behavior of the fish cannot be predicted, as well as weather conditions. Don’t forget a thermos of warm tea – it will help you warm up on the ice (drinks (vodka, cognac) is better not to use), as well as a few sandwiches or other food (in nature very quickly there is a feeling of hunger, besides that the body maintained body temperature, he needs the calories). Go fishing in a good mood, be positive and bring a large cloth bag to catch.

Now you can safely go on the ice, to subdue large predators and the beautiful specimens of white fish. May fortune smile on you and you will be satisfied with your first fish from under the ice.

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