What will the July for fishermen?


It’s July, and that is the sunniest month of summer. Unfortunately, rarely, when fishermen are able to catch a lot of fish at this time. This can be explained by the fact that the upper layer of water warms up. This is especially true of shallow water. High water temperature for fish is not comfortable enough, so almost all of it goes to depth. In the afternoon, in the midst of the heat, don’t count on the bite.

Good fishing in July will be only in cloudy or rainy days. You can go fishing early in the morning, before dawn. The water has no time to heat up and the fish rises to the surface. As you might guess, the fishing can take place at night. Then you can catch pike-perch, bream, Chub, pike or perch.

Much worse with a reservoir with stagnant water. In July it starts to bloom, the amount of algae increases several times. Whereby the water becomes cloudy and the fish are feeding better. Do you think how big chances to catch fed the fish?

Despite not very favourable nuances of July, an experienced fisherman, with no fish will remain. He will have to put maximum amount of effort and your own knowledge. To go with the catch all you need to know about fish habits. For example, an experienced angler knows that bass live at depths, and rises closer to the surface only during feeding. Then fish are easy to catch in shallow water. Not to be mistaken, need to check on the availability of water lilies and other vegetation. And if there are still snags, then the probability of detection of a perch increases several times. However, you should be careful to fish in places you don’t want to be without the hook? The best nozzle for the perch – dung worm and fry. The process of catching can occur not only on the float rod but for spinning.

Perch lives in fresh water. To detect it in July near the deep holes and river rapids. This fish will be easier to catch using spinning. Bait can also serve as a spinner and a jig. Although it is possible to try to catch perch on the float rod. You can catch, like bass, dung worm or live bait. Best to go fishing early in the morning or in the late hours.

Karas perfectly caught soon after spawning. In July, he swims close to the shore, closer to the vegetation. Catch it on a regular rod with a float. The most popular attachment is the worm, the caddis worm, and manure worm. You can still try to catch the bread fresh dough and porridge. But the fish differs from other fish that July days, on the contrary, facilitated it. The same applies to carp, as these two species are considered to be related.

Even in July you can catch bream. He lives in that part of the river, where there is a sandy bottom and prefer deep-water areas have steep banks. To catch it you can use with a float rod and a donkey, and as a nozzle to take rainwater or manure worm. Bream partial to steamed peas. During the preparation of such a nozzle, pay attention to the quality of steaming, as this fish is a bit picky. Before catching the place should feed sunflower meal. Generally feed in the night, in the morning to start fishing.

Although July is not the best month for catching such fish as roach. But still you can try your luck. As you know, it is found not only in rivers but also in lakes. You can detect it in that part of the reservoir, where flow is the lowest. Time for fishing is suitable both morning and evening. Perfectly caught on the float rod. To use as tools are maggots, worms, and steamed wheat. You can often find a shoal of this fish.

Optimal conditions for catching Chub – short course. To find it, it will be enough to find the place overgrown with bushes and trees. Such conditions are explained by the fact that the Chub feed on insects that live in these thickets. A fish caught on a spinning rod, float rod and some accessories. The nozzle is the same as other fish. The only thing to add insects.

In July you can catch and IDE. However, you need to consider the habits of this fish. You can find it in the creeks, where the smaller the current and the river bottom is lightly covered with silt. To catch it is possible not only on spinning, but on a standard fishing rod. The best nozzle for the IDE will be steamed peas or wheat, manure worm and the may beetle larvae. Fishing is very similar to fishing for Chub. The bait is the same as that of the Chub.

Here’s a fish the plan was released in July. And although it is not the best month for fishing, but for leisure fishing will definitely be the best. To ensure good fishing, and thoroughly prepare nozzles and bait for fish. We can only wish good luck to those for whom the word «fishing».

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