What types of duck hunting,what you need to know for a successful hunt

Before the onset of autumn, from about mid-August, the growing popularity of this form of duck hunting, as the hunt for flights. The basis of this method is the determination of the routes of the flights of ducks from the feeding to the ponds and back. After defining the routes, hunters are lying in wait near water. Bird migration is carried out before sunset or early in the morning, sometimes in the dark, so hunting for flights is quite complex. A hunter must have a good vision, accuracy and skill. You need to shoot exactly when the bird is in a good position.

Duck hunting with a Scarecrow is a kind and very popular way of hunting birds, but even he has his supporters. Good stuffed duck is the main factor in a successful hunt. But it is stuffed you need to make and deliver to the pond, then save, etc., hence the small popularity of this type of hunting. As in most variants of hunting for duck, for success it is necessary to calculate the routes of flights of game. On the identified routes set the effigy, which lures the duck. Shooting usually takes SLA bird.

Duck hunting from the approach is another effective and very popular way of hunting. Hunting with the approach (willku or snow) is held in the daytime, when most hunters leave water and bird calms down. The approach is overgrown with vegetation ponds. The hunters raise a duck noise or hidden come to the feeding birds. Shooting is carried out both at the sitting bird, and on the rise. This method is very productive. Hunting with the approach useless in clean and deep waters.

Many hunters go for the duck with the dog. To allocate hunting with dogs in a separate subspecies of duck hunting is not quite right. Dogs are used to hunt with the bird when it is necessary to raise and hunt with a stuffed animal they give the owner of the stricken game. The most popular duck hunting two breeds of dogs: spaniels and pointing. The spaniels – great swim, great to find and raise poultry, hunt with them is a pleasure. Even young, inexperienced Spaniel is easy to cope with hunting. In finding the downed bird and feeding it to the owner, the Spaniel has no equal among breeds of dogs. Cops – a good swimmer, require long-term training (3-4 season), it is difficult to move around in dense vegetation. The cops, finding a duck, stand up in the rack, this allows the hunter to get ready for a visual contact with the bird.

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