What type of hook to use for imitation fish?

Catch pike or perch loves almost every fisherman. Primarily this is due to the low price of gear, as well as the fact that this type of fish is very interesting bite. Most often the species of fish found in different lakes and rivers. The most popular tackle for catching this fish is zherlitsa. The device of this equipment is rather primitive. It is a leash with a wire, and at the end of two or three hooks. The store has even branded performance gear. It is better but is more expensive than domestic counterparts.

This rigging is very inconvenient to double the performance. Even an inexperienced angler can easily understand that the opportunity to catch a fish on this tackle it will be very difficult. The fact is that when the fish grabs the hook, it is one hundred percent one of them bites into her lip. Of course, it touches not very strong and at the first jerk fish rips the lip off. Also, very often the fish eats the bait, which also ultimately did not give a positive result.

There is another version of this gear. An improved version of the hooks is slightly bent inward and three or even four. Then there are many chances that the fish will not eat the bait and podcasts on the hook. The fact that the bent shape of the hook ensures that it penetrates into the jaws of a predator, and he one hundred percent does not come. Of course with this option the descent of fish, but it is much less. Experienced fishermen routinely use the second type of gear on their trips.

It is also worth noting that this tackle is not always suitable for fishing. Say a quick and big river this gear is practically useless. All because of the fast current carries the tackle, and it’s a fine fish to grab the hook. In stagnant water for fish, this gear is a godsend. By the way, her and when a small current can be very successful to use.

Also when fishing with such gear should every few hours to change the place. This is necessary in order to inevitably find fish. There are just certain places where the predator can a few days does not appear. And we want to get the maximum catch. Of course, even frequent change of place may not help if the fish is not configured for today on the bite.

When is the best time to catch them is to look with a certain calendars. There calculate and give approximate data for some fish. They can be used for analysis and the choice of tackle and baits.

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