What to do when there is no bite

Often summer day on the shore of a pond, lake or river, in a shared pond, you can see the pastoral picture. A lone fisherman sits on the shore gazing at the motionless floats. The peace and quiet. And no biting. The Sandman and the rest. And boredom. Fisherman waiting for the fish crucian carp, or carp. In General, a noble trophy. But the fish is resting. Well, except few of the reasons for the lack of bites. The activity of decent fish is influenced by many factors, from ambient temperature, phase of the moon.

Take into account all the very difficult. But you can vary the expectation of success, the hunt for such a prestigious and large fish species. For example fishing at this time of Krasnoperov, Verhoeven or perch.


It is called differently, verhoplavka, verkhovka, and sulfur. But this one fish. Small size. Usually 7 — 9 cm Long, covered with fine silvery scales body very rarely reaches a length of 15 cm, Their small size compensates for the fat content and pleasant taste. Experts say that salted and roasted verhoplavka, delicious fish. She lives usually in the upper layers of the reservoir. If a Sunny day to throw in the water a crust of bread which will float on the water, in a minute around her start shaped the view water like boiling. This sulfur it stings bread. Occasionally falls as they say the fishermen «floor water», that is, until the middle of the depth of the reservoir. Catching her is simple enough. Every self-respecting angler should have a set of hooks, lines, sinkers and floats. If there is a small, lightweight plastic or bamboo rods, it is possible to cut the long kamyshino. Attach to it the line no thicker than 0.25 mm On the line to adjust the float easier. A small hook on 2.5 or 3. To balance the float sinker and put a depth of 12 — 18 cm.. Bait can be done a small grain pellets the size of a match head, and small pieces of small worm. The main thing that the sting of the hook was closed. You can slightly moisten the bait of any flavor. Thrown into water, a crust of bread, and in five minutes, you can begin the fun. Biting the tip quickly and sharply, and to snatch her need a certain skill. In any case, the pleasure will be.


Well at this moment and lifting out of the water perch. However the gear will have to be changed. The cane can be left, it will bear the fish to 500 gr. But the float should be put a little more. And hook already need at least 5. Striped robber enough attractive bait much less gently than carp. Hunting him better at the bottom near reeds or seaweed. Well taken perch if there is runoff into the pond of fresh water. You can hunt him in the breaker. But with the bait much more interesting. Of course you can use the classic worm. But fishing the «meat» is much more interesting. It is best to catch the first few Verhoeven or small Krasnoperov. They should be carefully cut with a knife into small pieces. The most efficient part is the tail. Have to impose it on the hook and throw the bait so that the bait was in 5 — 7 centimeters from the bottom. From time to time to tease perch small podergivani jerks the float up. This ensures the bite.. at least bored fisherman will not.


But the hunt for the Rudd it is a more difficult task. Although catch little things this breed can be roughly in the same way that veriplace. The tackle remains the same, but the depth should be slightly increased. To 20 inches. The hunt for a large specimen redfin it is an art worthy of a separate article.

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