What to do and how to behave when meeting a bear

Brown bear is a large predator that inhabits almost the entire territory of the Urals. Some specimens reach a weight of 500 kg and more. The familiar image of a good-natured, hairy and unwieldy clumsy bear from fairy tales is nothing more than an illusion. In fact, the encounter with the bear is fraught with great danger. Wild beast can kill you with one flick of the paw, if you have already started to attack, then to escape is simply impossible.

Bears are great at climbing trees, running at speeds up to 70 km/h and can easily eat the barrel of a gun. With one stroke, the beast can break the backbone, ribs hurt, and even kill his victim. Of course especially bears on people not to hunt, most often when confronted with a person just turn around and leave, and the attack can only be the case if there are any trigger factors.

The most dangerous are bears-rods, which for some reason this year, not hibernating. Usually they are sick or not negussie during wakefulness sufficient fat bears. These animals are very angry and enraged, attacking every living thing that comes across their path – various animals, people and even other bears. Hungry bear often lives in close proximity to residential areas. Catches dogs, animal, game, eating leftovers and might try to break into the house. If your settlement operating rod, be sure to carry weapons and not to leave doors open even for a short time.

Bears have poor hearing, they can simply not hear the person coming in his direction. While in the forest as loud as you can make noise, bind to travel bag bells, sing, or in any other way try to scare the bear. It is not recommended to walk through the woods alone, and make camp to rest should be far from bear trails. The trail of the bear is very similar to human, but the large size.

When you see a bear, be sure to keep calm, not make any sudden movements in his direction and don’t try to escape. The bear will catch you in a couple of leaps. Very carefully start to pull back, keep a distance between himself and the bear. Give him space, to the bear didn’t feel threatened. A bear may react aggressively if you happened to come across his path. He will defend his territory. Also, if while fishing you see the approach of a bear, try to immediately stop fishing.

Try to talk to the bear in a calm, even voice. If the bear is not aggressive, let him come and let him sniff you. Having satisfied his curiosity, the bear may simply stand on his hind legs and quietly go away.

Take it with you into the woods stun firecrackers, flares or any other device that makes loud sounds. Shots should be done only as a warning and in the air. Make any surprise for the bear movement, throw up bags, open wide the floor of the coat or open umbrella. Bears are afraid of surprise.

If a bear aggressively, growls, claws scraping the ground, so to prepare for the attack. In this case, you need to give up, not to provide any resistance. It is best to fall to the ground and play dead. Don’t move and shows no signs of life, especially if the bear sniffs you. Seeing that the threat to him removed, the bear will calm down and back off.

Each event of a collision with a bear is different. Universal rules of behavior does not exist in our meeting with the forest beast, choose the right tactics.

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