What to catch carp in the summer

Fishing is one of the most attractive and exciting activities for the strong half of mankind. The fun of catching fish is impossible to describe with words. One of the most common fish species in our waters is the carp. It is found in many bodies of water, mostly mud bottom.

Karp — very strong and artful fish, why catch a bait quite difficult, besides it can easily break even the most durable line.

It is best to catch carp in the summer. Strong heat can catch him will be difficult, because he lost appetite, he hides, and practically ceases to peck. Therefore, the most favorable weather – is rain. But if the weather is rainy, then it is necessary to search where there are underwater springs in the reeds, deep wells (at a depth of 2-5 m.).

Best time of day to successfully catch carp in the summer — late in the evening or morning. This fish likes the bait, and so if you are going fishing in the morning, then lure it in the evening, and Vice versa. Also should leave a little bait for the process to be able to tempt the fish. To lure the best grain feed: wheat, rye, peas.

To date, the most common baits are bread, corn, earthworms, potatoes, peas. Increasingly popular baits. They include powdered milk, cereal, colors, flavors, eggs, flour. Catching carp in the summer is to handle prepared according to the following recipes:

— 1 Cup wheat or corn flour, 2 cups semolina, eggs, 2 tbsp anise or cinnamon;

— 1.5 Cup of any seeds, bird feed and semolina, 1 Cup soy flour, eggs.

If you want to bait lasts longer it should cook, and then freeze.

Bait for carp needs to take big pieces as small can eat small fish. Also it should be nutritious, otherwise the fish will leave to seek food elsewhere. In summer, carp are attracted to vegetable and sweet smell, and therefore the bait add a variety of spices: dried herbs, seeds, anise drops, cocoa, halva, honey, vanilla, etc. Also attract carp tiger nuts, and that is even on hand, other fish are indifferent to them. The main treat for the summer will be carp pellets. The price of these pellets are reasonable, and the fish will love it.

Catching carp in summer during the rains the need for meat head. Water temperature in the rainy season cools, and this makes carp appetite. Using such meat heads, as all sorts of insects (grasshoppers, beetles, flies), caterpillars (larvae of various butterflies), worms, maggots, butterflies, etc. These types of nozzles, it is desirable to combine.

Running in the summer for carp are bottom gear and float rod. If you decide to catch a big one, you need to take to equip the fishing rod sharpened hook of a powerful wire. The larger the nozzle, the heavier must be the hook. Blunt hooks to take are not recommended as they can tear carp lip. Braided fishing line is needed, because the usual easily broken, and the fat scare so cunning fish.

Many forgotten fishing with float controller, but in vain. In the summer the water warms up, carp swim to the surface of the water, hoping to feed. And just in such places fishing float controller will be very exciting. Also at such moments, a good catch will help to bring fishing zig-rig.

Fishing for carp in the summer on feeder tackle exciting and interesting, gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about the behavior of fish. If fishing is planned for the space over the feeder it is better to take a rectangular or square shape. Can not deprive the attention and the coil, because of its color scheme should correspond to the maximum of the pond. In the trough the weight depends on the depth of fishing and distance casting. If fishing takes no further 25-30 meters, instead of the coil used sinker-olive weighing about 20-30 g.

Before the advent of the feeder often used bottom gear with the spring. In other words, the spring feeder made of wire, which is filled with paste-like porridge. Another type of fishing is fishing with a rubber band, which is very convenient during the day. At the end of the line adjusts the gum and the alarm is the bell.

Especially in summer it is necessary to monitor the wind. Often this phenomenon causes the carp to move. If you correctly analyse this point, you will be rewarded with good catch.

Places to catch carp in the summer abound, and methods of capture as well. Assortment of lures and nozzles is so great that often to opt for something specific is quite difficult. But each carpatica like something different then what he was used to, or what he believes will bring him a great catch or a specimen. If the angler of imagination, you can safely experiment with gear and bait. Importantly, fishing is fun.

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