What to bring fishing

Fishermen are not asleep any second, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, fishing, first and foremost.

Summer fishing

The easiest and most common form of fishing, and for him there is a necessary set of things that you will need. But let’s divide it into two lists, the first is directly about the equipment and additional things.

Tackle and bait:

  • Spinning. With the basic kit (coil, fishing line, bobber, hook, spinner);
  • Rod. There may even be several components does not differ from the set that is described in the column next to the spinning.
  • Bait. It is important not to run into the first store, it is important to prepare it in advance, because every angler makes it differently, and it depends on the efficiency of fishing;
  • Spare materials. It is best if you take a spare set of fishing line, extra hooks, and even a fishing rod, or your summer fishing, may miserably fall.

So, this is a small list of the equipment that you need for summer fishing. And now time to examine the list of additional things that also will be very important.


It should be noted that very few who go fishing just for the day, usually these trips last up to a week, and longer!


Must be calculated based on weather conditions also do not forget that we will be surrounded by dampness and slush. So clothes and shoes must be designed for these natural conditions; food. Here you should come from the calculations for the company, if you go fishing alone, the calculations are reduced to a minimum; the Tent. Not everyone wants to sleep under the open sky, so you need to provide for themselves a temporary place of residence, and, of course, be able to collect it; Additional capacity. In order to carry the fish, and maybe even in order to pickle it.

This is all that is necessary to take on the summer fishing. Move now to the second type of fishing.

Winter fishing

Who climate change more severe and cold, can be very alienating, but for a fisherman that doesn’t matter. Same as before all the necessary items divide into two lists.

Tackle for winter fishing:

Set of equipment might not be very different, but to clarify and explain the costs.

  • Fishing rods, two, three pieces.
  • Kit fishing line, hooks, spinners, bait, Metallica. And remember it is better to take more, otherwise if you do not say, the fisherman will fail miserably;
  • Anchoring and rope. It is necessary to insure themselves and their comrades, winter fishing can pose more of a threat than the summer;
  • Flashlight. Will not be superfluous;
  • Screws. Be sure to take extra sets, well-honed knives.


The warmer, the better, the clothing should protect you from moisture, snow and wind. From head to toe, you should definitely protect yourself; a Tent. If you go to the terms to stay there longer than one day, you must purchase and learn to pitch a tent; Products. Here you will expect based on consumption and how long you go fishing, Thermos. It is better to give up alcohol, and to take more hot liquids: coffee or tea, whatever. Roomy backpack. In advance in a special store you should buy a backpack that is designed for long trips and accommodate more things.

This is basic list of additional things ends.


Should be given as much time as possible meeting, because if you are, something will be forgotten, not to see that you don’t catch a bad mood from the process of fishing.

PS If I missed something build upon in the comments. Interested in fishing recently, so do not judge strictly.

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