What should I consider when choosing a knife for hunting

Very often professional hunters, touching on the theme of the knives discussed, in most cases, the knives that are made of steel. Today, oddly enough, there are a large number knife manufacturers, and each company attempts to stand out, in principle, it is not surprising. Often discussed the chemical composition of the steel alloy structure, though the average consumer absolutely there is no need to delve into these small details. If you want to buy a really high quality knife that is able to serve a long period of time, then you should remember a few basic facts, which when you select a new product and you will start.

Just to remember the moment that the steel of the blade is perhaps not the main component. Of course, if you know what brand of steel held the blade, and, in General, to understand what that means, it’s good. But in fact, this information does not give absolutely nothing. First, you have to deal with the fact that for what purpose you have decided to buy a knife and what qualities should be present.

The first thing to pay attention to the sharpness of the knife. Do not think that you will be constantly cutting them only, perhaps also with a knife, you will need something otkovyryat or puncturing. Than must have the properties of strength, since this parameter will depend on its durability.

As a rule, than makes cuts due to its geometry. Many even do not know about it and claim that the knife cuts at the expense of good steel and natural sharpness, but this is actually a misconception. Knife is good to cut due to its unique shape, the right angle, and other such characteristics that generally provide easy penetration. Accordingly, it is possible to detect that first and foremost attention should be paid to the geometry of the blade. Remember the main rule – the thinner the knife, the better it will cut. According to statistics, after several studies it was found that a thin blade works much better in cross-section. The closer the cross-section of the blade to a texture, the better the knife will cut vegetables, bread and other products.

Let’s talk about the handle. Using the handle you receive an opportunity and easy to manage with a knife. In principle, there is everyone has to choose for themselves the handle to fit your hand and advantages. Remember the main rule – than in no event it is impossible to choose, visually examining the display case or picture, you need to personally hold him in my arms. If you are planning to buy a knife for hunting, then going for it in a specialty store, you definitely need to bring gloves and hold select than gloves. The main point is that on the handle in any case there should be no recesses or sharp angles, as they are only able to hire a hand when working with the knife. Handle of gift knives can have various kinds of convexity, and consequently when they are totally uncomfortable.

Many people have a negative attitude to the handles, which are made from synthetic materials and opt for the bark and the tree. In fact, modern plastics are very convenient and comfortable lie in the hand and provides a secure hold of the knife. The most important thing in a plastic handle is the reliability, and also attractive price, but not a lot of focus on such models of knives.

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