What should be the horse hounds hunter

What should be the horse hounds hunter

The horse in ancient times was the best companion canines of the hunter. And it’s not a tradition in many regions of our country. A horse can easily overcome even the impressive distance and without any problems get to places where I will not drive the car. A lot of hunters, upon closer acquaintance with this animal started to make this noble animal is not just a vehicle, and a full and active participant in hunting. And in order to achieve such a format of cooperation on the hunt, the choice of the horse must be approached very seriously, and then she will be a faithful friend and helper of the hunter for years to come.

The most important qualities that should be inherent in the animal, intended for hunting of good working qualities, great adaptability to weather, climate and other natural conditions, endurance and good health. Strong and dry Constitution of the body will be one of the main criteria of choice for any breed of animal. Weak legs will not allow the horse to overcome long passages.

The animal will stumble, and go uncertain step. The value and strength of the animal’s feet usually determined by a clear and confident step. That is why before buying a horse, it is first necessary to examine her feet. The horse with the unfit for active hunting or weak legs can detect traces of the disease, which can be expressed in a shiver of the legs, and the veins and nodules on the cornea of the hooves.

What should be the horse hounds hunter

Another parameter, which should immediately pay attention to the condition of the animal’s back. The back of the animal, which is working under saddle and in harness should always be healthy, straight and strong. Too large animals with more weight not represent the ideal option for hunting. Especially this recommendation concerns the hunt under the saddle. For antique hounds hunting tried to use horses, the growth of which does not exceed 152 cm at the withers.

The greatest defect of the hunting horses, is considered to be fearfulness. The animal, which rushes to the side when inverted stump or birds puts enormous risk both himself and his rider. Quite often there are cases when correcting this feature of the character is simply impossible. Such an animal is best used in other more peaceful operations.

A horse for hunting should have a good disposition and excellent to listen to reason. That stud can be much more of a hassle. They are capricious and can laugh at the most inappropriate moment. For this reason, when choosing a horse for hunting, should give preference to geldings. For hound hunting, it is very important that the horse had speed, was agile and could, like dogs, to overcome various types of obstacles. But it is too hot, the horse is unsuitable for any hunting, except parforsnaya. Very hot animal hard to get them to stand still. It is with great reluctance goes a step and constantly strives to indulge in a gallop. A constant battle rider gives the team and the beast will ismusic them both and will not give possibility normally to hunt.

What should be the horse hounds hunter

Another very important factor that will have a direct impact on the quality and success of the hunt can be called the interaction of the horses with dogs. The trained horse will never hurt the dogs, even if they confused his legs during the chase. Even norovlyu horse can be taught to dogs. You just need to ensure that these animals shared the living conditions for some time. But it should be done so that horses and dogs could not reach each other. It is not necessary to lock the dogs and hobbled the horse in the same room as a horse can find a way to reach out, to kick or to bite the animal. Will never cooperate with the evil dogs and wild nature of the horse.

Easiest, usually, to accustom the animal to the sounds and gunfire shots. After a few sample lessons, an ordinary horse with a calm disposition simply ceases to pay attention to them. If the animal is nervous, the host can start with single shots and gradually increase their number and capacity. When hunting on horseback, rifles holding guns up. For such weapons, it is necessary to monitor the status of the chase, which is in the lowered position.

Hunter if circumstances permit, the shot is best done off or jumping off the horse and tied her. If it is difficult or impossible to shoot on the move need turning so that the shot went left away from the animal. For the rider it is very convenient to carry out the shot over the horse’s head, aiming between the ears. It is very unpleasant for the horse, and that as a result of these actions, you may find a bad habit to run full tilt head.

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