What mistakes not to do during knife sharpening

If you have never had yourself to deal with sharpening a knife, then with no experience you will surely make a lot of mistakes, which eventually can lead to uselessness of this subject. Today we decided to talk about the most popular mistakes people during sharpening knives. As a rule, almost all manufacturers provide their products in the sharpened version, and therefore the buyer after the purchase of the knife can immediately start to use it.

In fact, this is not always possible you’ll be sharpening a knife and, in your opinion, it cuts not like to be, also, the product can quickly lose its sharpness, for example, this may occur only after several cuts. There are cases, when the knife from the famous producer can give way to another, less known and cheaper products. Let us now proceed to the errors that can occur when sharpening, as well as analyze the moment how to avoid them.

Often the owners of knives you wish as soon as possible to carry out the sharpening, in this case, if no experience, then mistakes are made immediately. It is necessary to remember that in order to efficiently and most importantly correctly to sharpen your product, you will need to show care in this matter and not rushing to work. You may have to spend a significant amount of time, but further than I can a long time to be in good condition with no sharpening.

Currently perhaps the most common mistake is Stripping blade using high-speed electronica with the usual indentation. In principle, this should not describe here and so it is clear what the error means. If you ever interested in sharpening knives, then you will understand what was going on.

When sharpening on electronicdata you will be able to notice the spark, and consequently is warmed up chips. If it’s in the air begins to illuminate, then it is possible to determine the time that the cutting zone temperature about a thousand degrees. In this case, it is possible to identify that to avoid all sorts of structural transformations, and to perform unsupervised vacation, even the thin layer of metal you will not succeed. During that time, how will you come to thicker part of your blade part of the heat from the treated surface will gradually move, as in this case, the heat exchange takes place.

Accordingly, such will only lead to very strong heating, which could then even be reflected in the blade in different colors of tint. A similar phenomenon can be fatal for almost all knives, except you can leave only cuts quickly but also for them, experts do not recommend to use such devices sharpening.

When entering the ROK released a specific layer of material (in addition, there can be mechanical damage, cracks, scoring or risks) are then quickly will lead to the complete destruction of the LCD, release the metal in this case is quickly wiped or painted. Of course it is possible to identify the point that eventually you will get again a dull knife requires re-sharpening, this can be done many times, but eventually your than just erased.

Most likely, a similar phenomenon tied to the overall durability of the sharpening being done by the manufacturers, but, however, not all products, but only some manufacturers that produce sharpening their methods. Similar products very quickly become dull and sharpen them efficiently will be problematic.

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