What means for care of arms should be used for proper care of the weapon

For a successful hunt you need to take care about the cleanliness of their rifles. Fortunately, the days when stores sold only alkaline oil and «Grouse» are over. Now you don’t need to pick up the stain, experiment with ed and potassium permanganate to treat the wood with linseed oil. Nowadays, any professional shop will be able to provide any funds even to repair your weapons.

The most common domestic detergents.

1.Neutral oils recommended for the lubrication of rifles and shotguns. Required when air temperature is low. They guarantee no rust and reliable operation.

2.An alkaline composition is used for cleaning barrels.

3.Preservative – need for prolonged storage of the gun.

4.Gun paste for cleaning of the barrel is designed to clean every part of a gun of any kind. Removes corrosion and svintsovo of the barrel. Returns the Shine to metal surfaces.

Foreign funds for the care of hunting weapons.

1.A variety of aerosols – prevents corrosion, suitable for lubrication as hunting and sporting weapons.

2.Means for lubricating muzzle of the contractions – are used to prevent clogging from corrosion, steel shot and long-term operation.

3.Means for cleaning the barrel and trigger mechanism and a gas connection without full disassembly – to prevent contamination of parts.

What means for care of arms should be used for proper care of the weapon

4.Cleaner trunks – removes zinc, copper, tombac and lead.

5.Anti-corrosion protective film gently covers the metal, filling all the slots.

6.Pencil for darkening masks scratches.

7.Means for bluing.

8.Wax for wooden parts – ensures protection from the effects of external stimuli. Has the effect of careful polishing.

9.Stain – gives a bright color of the wood.

10.Impregnation for wood – protects against effects of water, used for polishing the wooden parts of the weapon.

11.The sealer fills all the cracks on the wooden parts, save from moisture.

12.Matting spray removes the unwanted Shine on the metal parts.

Cleaning the gun will need a standard set: bristly and metal brush, a sponge, a cleaning rod and Visscher. Ramrod desirable to have the wood coated metal rod. Buying a metal brush, give preference to the bosses and use a lot of butter.

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