What is the counterpart or bustline for hunting

Twins or as they are commonly called – are bustline to combined types of guns, in which there is or smooth barrel or rifled. Double refers to a specialized gun designed for going on a hunt. Double is used for these types of hunting, when one shot is decisive, because the second shot in a short period of time to just do not succeed.

I would like to note that twins, equipped with horizontal shafts, in General, does not look very attractive, but many hunters still choose this weapon for a very low cost. Given twins, usually cheaper tees by about forty percent in the other gives you the opportunity to know the approximate value. On the box of the standard shotgun, if it is strong enough, you can without any problem install several trunks that will be combined with each other in the shots.

Today you can find a very interesting situation, manufacturers most of their attention on bamboccianti, and more specifically the twins which have vertical trunks. If you start to put comparison bombexplosion with trestolone, then you can reveal that they are much easier and also sleeker last, the design of bombexplosion very simple, and accordingly is deemed to be reliable. Button, but rather a slider for fuse, the developers decided to leave in the same place, or rather on top of the neck is installed.

Front trigger, mounted at the twins, built to accommodate the bullet barrel and the rear barrel for Grabovogo. So for the hunter eliminates the need to manually switch the front hook with one whispered to another. Of course, there are odnoselchane counterparts, they need to activate it manually. The complete absence of the switch gives a notable advantage, as the unexpected encounter of a hunter with the beast, there is no preliminary preparation of weapons, and in this regard, it is possible to significantly save time and take a snapshot of the shot. High quality doubles-rifle and standing order more expensive than trekstock, but they have more significant advantages, and hunting with them is much more productive. However, it was recently discovered that the Italian arms company started producing bamboccianti on the order of one of the largest trading houses in connection with this hunter there is a possibility to buy weapons at a lower price.

To date, statistically, the cheapest weapon with a high and guaranteed accuracy of the battle, is a Czech weapon models ZH. The developers spent a long time testing this weapon, and can now say with confidence that the scatter of the points after hitting four shots from a distance of not more than one hundred meters does not exceed more than four inches. It is not strange, but in our country also produce doubles, the production is in Tula and is conducted on the basis of bottlenow MC 105, MC 110.

Modern production of bombexploded and their paddles and trigger system, most options simply repeats the system bottlenow. Of course, the manufacturers have introduced some additions and changes in order to improve the weapon. In the production of the front trigger in all cases is provided by the French reverse shneller, it is on sighting the bar and always shortens, is also mounting an open sight, which refers to the constant type.

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