What is the better spinner

Any fishing shop will offer hundreds of different options of spinners, which will vary according to dozens of parameters, and for different types of waters and fishing conditions. The acquisition of spinners the event is important because you need to consider so many important points. First, that’s what kind of fish you going to fish with a spinning rod, as not all predators behave the same and each have some features in hunting. Pike, for example, to hunt mostly by sound guided by the sound of fry, or the spoon in the water, its special or otherwise on the side lines, which reproduce her painting to the movements of the fry and in which direction it moves. And then connect the vision when finding prey at close range. But then again, so do not all the predators and perch will have to act differently. So, what is the spoon better?

What to buy at the bait shop to be an absolute win? Unfortunately, to give a generic answer is impossible, since it is necessary to observe all the above requirements, and this means that different conditions would provide different spinners.

First, it is important to consider the type of water: river, lake, pond or something else, as they have different depth and transparency of water that will affect the game spinners. Of course, the beginner will be somewhat difficult to choose the right lure, so it will likely not know what a spoon is better for bass and which to perch, or that it is better to fish in a fast river current , and it would be better to operate in the stagnant water.

So, the most favorite lures for many anglers there are brilliant examples, the surface of which is plated with Nickel or silver, which are very popular among predators, because they are so reminiscent of whitebait. No less interesting option is spinners two colors, for example, one side may also be coated with silver, and the second is a darker copper.

It is also important to consider the season when you are going to fish, because, as a rule, in the spring the fish is so extremely hungry that she is ready to attack any object even remotely resembling fish and this wonderful period is possible even not to think about what a spinner is better because the Deputy pretty hungry predator to jump you barely notice the bait. In the spring it is better to use vibrating lures, and in the summer have to change them spinning, but of the same size.

In fact, the spoon is a versatile lure, as it attracts a predator and out and using the sound of the rotating member of the spinners.

The classification of spinners is very diverse, and the proper use of each type it is possible to increase the catch more fishes.

Of course, to determine what is the better spinner you can, just by checking it in practice, evaluating their play and movement, and, of course, the value of the catch.


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