What if you fell through the ice

What if you fell through the ice

In the winter, especially in the spring time of the year when the ice edge begins to melt under the sun prigrevom, quite often there are cases when people fall through the ice. It can happen to anyone, not just fishermen or hunters, but also by local residents or children playing in dangerous places. Especially dangerous may be the situation where the person fell through the ice far from populated areas and crowded places when anyone to help the victim and you need to rely on their own strength.

Upon failure, the victim loses their footing and quickly immersed under water. During the first minutes, dry clothing and shoes provide the victim with buoyancy, and the ability to balance on the surface of the water. However, as wet clothes are heavier, begins to pull the man down. In these moments it is very important to get rid of the heavy things that the victim at the time of exposure under the ice in the hands, or on yourself. It’s best to get immediately to relieve the heavy backpack, and discard everything before that was busy hands. Facilitating your body weight, you should try to go on the ice his whole body and immediately, to roll out of the way.

Many have got into such a situation, people just make it in time to roll away or crawl away to the side. If the polynya, which has failed, it allows free rotary motion of the body and thus to revert to the side, gently moving the body over a layer of ice. To crawl out on a sturdy ice, sticking any sharp object – a knife, a sharp nail, etc. that is why during the transition across the pond in the winter, it is best to prepare in advance and keep one or two sharp object. If a person fell into a narrow hole, it should try to gradually get out, carrying out a rolling motion from back to belly and thus gradually to move the body to a more dense ice. When getting into a big hole to get on the ice you need in the place where the fall happened. In rivers that have a sufficiently strong current, it is necessary to try to avoid sites located from the bulk side or places where there is water. To get out of the hole it is necessary only against the current, no matter how difficult it was not. Otherwise, the strong current can pull a person under the ice. If the ice in place of the failure is weak and can not withstand the weight of the human body, it must be buckled until, until you meet a more solid plot.

What if you fell through the ice

If you dive under the ice, immediately was more than waist-high, are unlikely to roll out of the way. Do not wait until the size of the hole will become bigger and better just to try to pick up his feet to his stomach, to focus on the edge of the ice, to make the leap and try back to leave on a more solid surface. However, such a maneuver can be given only for a few seconds until my clothes are still quite wet and allows such movement. The person who is in the water approximately chest level, you can try to stretch the border of the hole with one foot and thus push the body to the surface. Next, you need to try very carefully to get up. For starters, it is best to become on all fours and only after moving to the maximum distance from the place of the accident to try to get to his feet. Remember that wet clothes and boots full of water, not only make it more difficult, but also increase the dynamic pressure of the body on the ice.

In cases where self-salvation impossible, it is better to preserve energy, in order to retain maximum heat and call for help. Man that is dressed in warm clothes specialized for fishing may be under water for half an hour. Hunters, equipment which provides for waterproof layers of clothing in this plan can be somewhat complicated. In any case, it is necessary to consider that even if a fairly warm temperature, the most vulnerable part of the body which is subjected to supercooling is hands. The fingers become fixed and soon may occur the first signs of frostbite. Therefore, if gloves are lost, you need to ensure that as long as possible to maintain mobility of the hands, pulling on them a sweater or jacket sleeves.

If You witness how a man fell through the ice and saw the victim asks for help, be sure to let him know that help is at hand. This will give him the strength to survive in such a situation some amount of time. Next, you need to try to submit the victim’s scarf, a rope or a long stick. Do it better from a distance of 2-5 meters. To shake hands in such a situation can be very dangerous. The ice will not sustain the weight of two people, and in this case, the rescuer risks being next to the victims.

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