What gun is best for hunting

Under hunting rifle sight smoothbore gun with a medium firing range. In such guns the bullets used are of small caliber shot, buckshot, etc. All hunting rifles are divided into single-barreled and double-barreled. They are also divided on the gun is discarded and not discarded barrel. There are automatic and non-automatic hunting rifle. Models of hunting rifles are also divided into vneshnetorgovoe and vnutrigornye model.

Currently on the market are a large number of models of hunting rifles. The choice of a particular hunting rifle is a matter of individual taste, however for novice hunters is better to give preference to the models, simplicity and ease of use.

When choosing a hunting rifle it is important to pay attention to the trunk. Shotgun with a folding barrel are considered more practical and comfortable on the hunt, since the change of cartridges from them is easier and faster.

The location of the trigger more comfortable and easy to handle are considered vneshnetorgovoe model guns, while vnutrigornye require more skills and professionalism of the hunter.

The number of trunks more convenient are double-barreled shotguns. These guns differ in a variety of barrel diameters, allowing you to select the optimal model for hunting specific species of animal.

The advantages of a double barrel shotgun apply relatively less weight and a more simple device. Besides a single barrel gun can’t shoot so many fractions like double-barreled. Or have to buy additional attachments. The cost of double-barreled shotguns usually lower than a single barrel.

However, if you do decide to get a single-barrel shotgun, then buy it should be only from well-established companies selling hunting rifles. Otherwise there is a risk of problems during its operation.

Not worth buying and the so-called pump guns. When used for hunting they can be short-lived.

Better to give preference to models automatic rifles. They are more power and rate of fire, but require higher-quality care, special lubricants, and ammunition.

It is also important to pay attention to the manufacturer. In comparison with foreign manufacturers, the domestic plants often produce more quality guns that is the reason for their high popularity even abroad.

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